Hearing this, the kings thought that emperor Cheng Yuan wanted to see if he was sincere. They gave him a chance and hurriedly said, Your Majesty, this way, please. I\’ll give orders now.

We should not only endure people\’s criticism, but also the eyes of relatives and friends. This matter has been passed on in school for a week, which is considered to have reduced the heat. Now there are no entertainment projects, and it\’s normal that a major event can be passed on for ten or eight days. Li Siyu\’s heart began to burst when she looked at Wei Xingbo with a smile coming face to face. She can guarantee it It\’s definitely not the feeling of heart beating, but the fear of not knowing when to start. Li Siyu is afraid to meet Wei Xingbo, especially to be greeted. It may be that he\’s been annoyed recently and wants to hide when he sees trouble. Li Siyu\’s conditioned reflex is that he directly turns away when he meets Wei Xingbo. This not only makes Wei Xingbo stunned, but also Li Siyu stunned. Well, seeing people like this He turned and walked away, as if it was really impolite. \”Classmate Li?\” Wei Xingbo asked when he saw her turn and stand where she was. Li Siyu looked back awkwardly, \”hello.\” he really didn\’t know what to say. Hello, I\’m good. Hello, everyone? It\’s over. Wei Xingbo was made by her. He didn\’t know what was going on, but he kept smiling politely, \”do you go to the canteen?\” Li Siyu shakes her head. The meal is over. What else do you want to eat? \”I\’ll go out.\” she wants to see the house. She hasn\’t seen it for half a month. She\’s going to see it when she\’s free today. No. Wei Xingbo immediately said enthusiastically, \”really? I\’m going out too. What can I do for you?\” Li Siyu: No, I don\’t need it. Goodbye! But she can\’t say that. People also want face. Moreover, Li Siyu doesn\’t want to offend people. People kindly ask you if you need help. She\’s against people. It\’s not good. \”No, I have something else to do. You\’re busy.\” Li Siyu ran away without looking back.


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