She looked at Shen Ling and showed a thoughtful look.

Wei Panpan looked at the woolen coat and small leather shoes and went back. She also saw beautiful clothes and wanted to see more. Li Siyu put away his clothes. Now it\’s a little hot to wear his coat. I\’ll wear it later. She lay there and opened the letter. Lin Cheng said a lot in the letter. It was also mentioned that Xu Weinan was transferred to the logistics department and two new male colleagues came. The letter also said that Lin Cheng would come to see her next month. Li Siyu raised the corners of his mouth. He has a conscience. He knows. Come and have a look. However, there is still half a month before next month, and she is not in a hurry. \”Xiao AI in your bedroom entered the school committee because of a fight. Go and have a look.\” a female voice sounded. Li Siyu looked at the female classmate passing by outside. She said and left. Li Siyu looked at Wei Panpan and saw that she had put on her shoes. She also put on her shoes and was ready to have a look. Put everything under the pillow and put it into the space before running out. Seeing that both of them had gone, su\’an came down and dressed herself and followed. At the gate of the school committee, Li Siyu heard a serious reprimand from inside the house. \”Your style is very problematic. Now Xiao AI goes back first and gives it to us.\” no one answered. Then there was a sound of footsteps, and the door of the school committee was opened. Xiao AI was obviously stunned when he saw the man at the door. Then he asked, \”Why are you here?\” shouldn\’t he come to see her joke? After all, many people saw it just now, and it\’s normal for them to know. \”I just heard that you were brought to the school committee. What\’s the matter?\” Wei Panpan saw that she was not abnormal. Was she scolded by the school leaders? Xiao AI shook his head and said, \”go back.\” several people walked, and Xiao AI said the story again and again.


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