If you are tired, go down. Mu Zhao looked at Li Feng and said faintly.

At this time, there was a voice outside. Li Siyu pulled his hand out and sat in his own position. Lin Cheng also reluctantly returned to his seat and picked up the documents on the table. These people really can\’t eat for a while? Don\’t know if they can\’t digest too fast? A group of indigestible people came into the office, went back to their own positions, and then began to chat. Xu Wei Nan came late and didn\’t wipe off the oil flowers on his mouth. For fear that others wouldn\’t know he had eaten meat dumplings. Wang Jie came back long ago. He didn\’t go to see Xu Wei Nan when he saw Xu Wei Nan coming in, but his low head exposed his bad mood. \”Oh, he ate too much and didn\’t digest. He came back only after walking.\” Xu Weinan pretended to sit on the chair and took out his handkerchief to wipe his mouth, but the oil stain on his mouth didn\’t want to be wiped off. Li Siyu looked at it and said, \”eh, it\’s disgusting. Liu Chengxue burst out with a smile,\” Oh, Xu\’s work is really popular, and someone invited meat dumplings. It\’s great. \” Heard someone mention himself, although it is very annoying Liu Chengxue, Xu Weinan still farted and nodded, \”it\’s OK. It\’s better than director Liu. After all, it\’s enough to eat Wowotou pickles every day.\” She gloated and said that although Xu Weinan didn\’t eat meat all at once, she could afford a vegetarian dish. Compared with Liu Chengxue, she thought it was still very good. Liu Chengxue didn\’t feel embarrassed, but said coolly: \”Director Xu is right. I really can\’t eat pickled vegetables at Wowotou these days. You can eat meat if you are invited to dinner. How popular it is. I don\’t have anyone to invite me to dinner. Even if I am invited, I dare not eat. This free food is not so easy to eat at any time.\” Li Siyu agrees with Liu Chengxue\’s words. Just as she invited Tao Dan to dinner before, it\’s also to integrate into the Secretary circle and better resources. But Wang Jie is different. He can\’t see the child\’s bad heart, so he may be so dumb. If someone else had changed, it wouldn\’t be so easy for Xu Weinan to eat for nothing. Liu Chengxue saw Zhang Da at noon Wei invited Xu Weinan to eat dumplings. The man\’s calculations were written on his face, that is, Xu Weinan only focused on eating meat, so she didn\’t find it. Xu Weinan just thought she was jealous that someone invited her to dinner and didn\’t understand her words thoroughly. Wang Jie was also discouraged and stopped paying attention to Xu Weinan. Anyway, someone invited her to dinner and didn\’t look up to herself, so she won\’t stick a cold face in the future Li Siyu didn\’t understand it, so she stopped reading it. Anyway, it had nothing to do with her. In her opinion, it was like reading a joke.


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