So, Your Majesty, would you like some tea? she opened her mouth tremblingly, with a little flattery in her tone, her fingertips stirred together, white and tender, and a trace of pink. After all, she took the initiative to open her mouth. In fact, she wanted to change her posture.

Li Siyu was not in a hurry, so she stood there and waited. Anyway, she thought her writing was very good. At least it was much better than those on the blackboard newspaper. \”I\’ll publish this manuscript on the blackboard newspaper tomorrow. It\’s very good.\” director Zheng looked at her with appreciation and thought the little girl was very good. Director Zheng has worked in the trade union for so many years and is not afraid to offend others. She is a very talented person. No matter what the person does or what his character is, as long as he has the ability, she won\’t target him. \”Can you?\” Li Siyu\’s face showed a surprised expression, as if he heard great glory. \”I write this manuscript because there are quotations from leaders in the mine, which makes me feel. I also want director Zheng to give me some advice. Is this really OK?\” Li Siyu said modestly and didn\’t forget to slip away from director Zheng. As soon as director Zheng asked her for advice, he said with a smile: \”Xiao Li, your writing is very good, and your quotation is also very good. There is no need to modify it.\” she knows that modesty is a good thing, otherwise a compliment will rise to heaven, so she can\’t help more. \”OK, director Zheng, just make up your mind, and I don\’t quite understand.\” Li Siyu embarrassed bowed his head and grabbed the corner of his clothes. Director Zheng smiled when he saw her like this. Li Siyu\’s performance was neither proud nor petty, which made her think he was a good person. \”Go back first.\” she had an idea in her heart and let her go first. Li Siyu felt very happy the next afternoon. Why pleasure? She can be sure that she won\’t have to run out to work in the future. It\’s still safe to sit in an office. The next day, the blackboard newspaper really changed her manuscript. The signature below is Li Siyu, a trade union cadre.


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