At this time, Mu Zhao suddenly raised his eyes and looked at the pink figure.

He changed into loose pajamas and went straight to bed. Looking at the dark ceiling, Li Siyu cheered himself up. No matter how tired it is, it\’s worth it, for a new house and a new life! go for it! \”Hoo\” when he got up in the morning, it was more than eight o\’clock. Li Siyu hurried up to wash his face and change his clothes. I was tired for half the night last night. I forgot to set the alarm before going to bed. I opened my eyes and the sun was drying my ass. Hurried out of the door, Li Siyu went to the station to take a bus. The bus to Baicheng runs several times a day. Because it is very close, and Baicheng mainly has cigarette factories, there are a lot of people. The place where Li Siyu is located is called Chuncheng. There is no big factory except for common factories. Baicheng has a cigarette factory and a winery. The welfare treatment is much better than that of Chuncheng. Li Siyu also values this. Good welfare means high consumption and strong purchasing power! The roads here are much better than those in the county. They are flat. Looking at the roads outside, they have been filled in again after the spring. Or there are many trade exchanges between cities, so people come to level the uneven road. Otherwise, who cares about you. When he arrived in Baicheng, Li Siyu was not in a hurry. Yesterday, he paid the old lady 30 yuan for medical expenses and gave Li Chengcai 20 yuan for dinner. Now she has six dollars in her pocket. Li Siyu said he didn\’t panic at all and even wanted to go to a state-owned hotel for dinner. The food cooked in the space has long been eaten up, and it was cooked for the old lady last night. In the morning, Li Siyu came out in a hurry and didn\’t eat. He felt his groaning stomach. Li Siyu decided to eat something. Now it\’s impossible to cook in space, and I don\’t want to eat fast food.


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