Then empress dowager Yang came to Jiqing palace with a group of people.

Zhan Lingshui didn\’t care about him anymore. His eyes turned and looked to one side. In the distance, Wansen\’s body showed up and approached this side. He was worried and hesitant about the dusty face. He didn\’t dare to take a look at Zhan Lingshui once he landed. He asked long Wushuang and others, \”what happened? I feel the fluctuation of dragon power here.\” Just then, he seemed to have just seen Wang Changming lying on the ground. His face changed, \”what\’s going on?\” Zhan Lingshui looked at Wansen\’s appearance, and there was a slight consternation in the depths of his eyes, and then some laughter and laughter. Needless to think, it must be Fang Yang\’s idea. It was a good abacus. Just now he turned a blind eye to Wansen and completely didn\’t know the alliance between them. Fang Yang has done so now, which can be regarded as \”treating him with his own way\” Wan Sen was a little worried. He and Fang Yang had not left far away. Fang Yang suddenly proposed to let him come back to inquire about the news. Anyway, Wan Sen was also a member of long Jun. no one knew his identity except Zhan Lingshui when Wang Changming died. He would not be doubted when he went back at this time. On the contrary, it would be easy to drop the handle if he didn\’t come here. Open When he first heard Fang Yang say this, Wan Sen was also startled. After all, there was still a Zhan Lingshui, for fear that she might reveal something. But thinking that Fang Yang was worried about the truth, he had to bite his teeth and come back. At this time, his dusty worried look on his face was not hypocrisy. He was so nervous that he didn\’t even look at the Zhan Lingshui over there. Fortunately, Zhan Lingshui didn\’t look at him, so he was totally taken in He was not familiar with him. \”What is the relationship between them? They are so close.\” Wan Sen\’s mind couldn\’t help turning around. Seeing Wan Sen coming, long Wushuang\’s face was still ugly: \”it\’s Fang Yang! He killed Wang Changming.\” He doesn\’t doubt Wansen. Although Wansen has little contact with other Dragon Kings, he won\’t doubt that he has been in contact with Fang Yang. At most, it\’s just a cold relationship. \”Fang Yang? It\’s him!\” Wansen made a surprised look on his face. \”I just saw a body galloping by, but I didn\’t chase it because of the fluctuations here. It seems that it\’s Fang Yang.\” \”Seriously? Where is he?\” longwushuang glared. Wansen casually pointed to a direction: \”he was there before, but he was flying very fast, and now he might have been hidden in the sea of clouds.\” \”Damn it.\” longwushuang scolded. Liao Xingwen frowned, looked at Wansen, took back his eyes and said in a deep voice: \”Big prince, we still attach great importance. Now that we have come to the land of thunder clouds, we\’d better find Lei Qilin\’s whereabouts first. If we get Lei Qilin, it\’s worth the trip.\” \”I know.\” long Wushuang said, \”no matter what price we pay, we\’ll find Lei Qilin!\”


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