When Shen Ling saw that she couldn\’t touch the cat all the time, she was gray and sighed, but when she saw the scar on the cat, she didn\’t know what to say.

\”Kill!!\” Liu situ rushed to the first one. As soon as he appeared, he roared at his throat. For a moment, he shouted to kill again and again behind him, like ten thousand drums beating, and the sound was shocking! Chapter 734 raids one after another. With the help of Nanbai\’s beast Soul City stronghold, people raided and killed as soon as they appeared. They were in Nanbai\’s stronghold for a while, and their fighting spirit was surging. At this time, they showed their body shape without any hesitation. They saw a burst of mysterious Qi and burst away towards the soldiers around. These soldiers had no sense of prevention, and some didn\’t even wear their own armor. In the face of such an attack, no one could be hard. Next, they saw the mysterious Qi passing through, the flesh and blood exploding and Howling miserably. \”Someone attacked, hurry, run!\” call people, call people. \”The panic of the soldiers of the Longyuan Dynasty also greatly increased their confidence. Therefore, the martial artists of the Dragon chopping Association seem to be gods coming down to earth. If they rush into the crowd, they will be beheaded. At first, there was a wave of government soldiers who wanted to resist, but after all, the number was too small and the situation was flustered. Before they could play any role, Liu situ stared at them and killed them directly. Nanbai also took advantage of this time, and all his animal spirits came out. Although his lethality was not the top, so many fierce animals suddenly appeared on the chaotic battlefield, which made these soldiers more timid and only knew to flee in panic. \”How brave! Where\’s the thief? Dare to make trouble with us!\” at this time, there was a burst of loud drinking from the square array, mixed with the four sweeps of dragon power, which changed the complexion of many martial artists in the Dragon cutting club and slowed down their attack. The two bodies swished out, and the two bright golden mans glittered in the air. Under the circulation of dragon power, the virtual shadow of the dragon was formed, and the momentum was high. Golden Armor general! The people looked at these two figures and moved one by one. And the soldiers who fled in all directions found their own support. They cheered and increased their confidence. With the golden armor general here, it\’s not easy to kill these thieves! Just when these soldiers shouted for help, Fang Yang, who had been waiting quietly, shot. With a step of burning fire under his feet, his body disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he appeared between the two gold armor generals. His face was calm. He looked at the two gold armor generals who wanted to appease the people. His right hand was made into a palm with fire slurry. The pure Yang Qi erupted and the fire palm was displayed. The nine palaces sword in the left hand gallops, and the purple shadow flashes, sharp and sharp. Bang. Hiss.


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