Empress Dowager Yang nodded.

\”Fang Yang!\” behind him, the girl who was helpless suddenly saw her generous back in front of her. She was stunned and overjoyed. On her pretty face, her eyebrows stretched out and she was overjoyed. \”You\’re awake!\” Fang Yang smiled and turned to look at the Liying standing behind him. The girl is slim and graceful. At most, she is in her twenties and eighties. She is just as tall as Fang Yang\’s chest. She has a pretty face like jade, small eyes and nose, and looks extremely lovely and beautiful. In his mind, a little man in a Confucian shirt, with a bun and a small face, looked like a bastard. In just five years, she has changed so much. \”Li Ya,\” Fang Yang called. The girl immediately whirled in the eyes and held Fang Yang with her arms. \”You\’re all right, great.\” Wen Xiang threw himself into his arms, and the soft fragrance rushed into his nose. Fang Yang only felt the warmth of his whole body, but also felt the strength and feelings contained in his arms. Li Ya, a descendant of Li Ru who came back to his family in the name of Li Ru, has changed into such a shape at this time. \”Hum, a couple of dog men and women! You kiss me enough? Don\’t worry, you can\’t run away today, and both of you will die here!\” the general of silver armor was angry at the intimacy of the two people. He picked his toes on the silver gun on the ground, grabbed it immediately, and then his hands and wrists trembled slightly, and the dark atmosphere exploded all over his body. The mysterious Qi of the silver armor general is extremely strong. Once it breaks out, there is a faint sound of dragon singing. If the gun is pointed a little, the dark air will burst. Amid the roar, silver came. Li Ya\’s face turned white when he saw it; \”Fang Yang, be careful! He is the silver armor General of the Longyuan Dynasty. He has dragon power and is difficult to deal with!\” when she drank, Li Ya was also full of white light, so she had to stand up against the spear. Although Fang Yang woke up at this time, it is difficult to compare Fang Yang\’s strength with that of the silver armor generals. The current Longyuan Dynasty is very different. There are many experts. The silver armor generals are one of them, but they have the combat power above Tianyang. In her anxiety, she forgot that the spear of the silver armor general was blocked by Fang Yang.


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