Zhao\’er has never contacted too many women. Let them come over and let zhao\’er contact them this time. I hope it will be better after a long time. this is the way the Empress Dowager thought helplessly. After all, it seems that there is a long way to go.

\”Fang Yang, what\’s the matter with you?\” \”Why are you here? Where have you been before?\” \”what kind of secret door is this chair?\” the people said. Fang Yang watched familiar faces appear in front of him, and he also breathed a long sigh of relief. Finally, he came back. \”It\’s a long story. Have you made any progress in your exploration here?\” Fang Yang asked. Yamada said, \”we have explored the main hall. We have got seven purple stripe xuanbing, four skill jade slips, and some piecemeal things.\” so many? Fang Yang was surprised. He didn\’t expect that there were many good things left in the palace. I think he worked hard in the yin-yang immortal hall on that floor, and only then did he get so many things. But what Fang Yang gets is really good things, and the value is much higher. \”Recruit all the martial artists. We began to set up some large Dharma arrays based on the yin-yang immortal hall.\” \”speaking of the Dharma array, we got two jade slips with the yin-yang array exposed on them.\” Yamada handed the jade slips to Fang Yang. He knew that Fang Yang was also a person who knew the Dharma array. In addition, he lived in the pure Yang mysterious atmosphere, so he specially let him have a look. Fang Yang took the jade slips, immersed himself in observation, and his face looked different. The two jade slips record the yin-yang array, but it should not be a formal version, but a simplified version. The formal yin-yang array is something that can be urged by a martial artist who lives in pure Yang and pure Yin. The two jade slips in his hand can condense the Qi of yin and Yang with the help of things, but they can also play a big role. \”Just use this dharma array to guard here.\” Fang Yang said, \”there are many external pavilions. Divide both sides. Set up a Yang array and a Yin array at the same time, which can give full play to the defense.\” Yamada answered, and then went to gather Dharma array experts and left in a hurry. Fang Yang then scanned the palace. Although he had previously explored the yin-yang immortal hall on the shady side, it was his first time here. However, because the two yin-yang immortal halls are both yin and Yang, the layout is the same naturally. The only difference is that the place is regular and has not been damaged by any attack. It is completely like a newly established thing. \”I just don\’t know what happened in the immortal hall with Yin and Yang, and where those immortals went,\” Fang Yang whispered. Just then, a rumble came out.


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