However, the memory in her mind just now told her that now is the critical moment of fate.

\”Evil appeared!\” the thick voice echoed away and fell into the station over there. The spirit of Fang Yang could feel the shock of the martial arts in the garrison over there, and immediately several majestic Xuanqi surged out, and the streamer came. In the blink of an eye, three people appeared in front of Fang Yang. A man with short hair and leopard skin shirt hung obliquely in front of his chest, revealing that his right arm was bronze and bright, and his muscles were Qiu knot. He held an ordinary wooden stick in his hand. However, under the circulation of Xuanqi, it can be seen that the shadow of the stick revealed the threat of terror, which seemed that as long as he took his hand, he could shake the world. When Fang Yang saw this person, his pupils narrowed, and he recognized his identity at a glance. Staff saint, sun rukong! Longbang 64! Behind Sun rukong, there was a man and a woman. The man was like a teenager. He was short and white. Although it seemed peaceful on the surface, there was a burning meaning in his body, as if there was a stove in his chest. The woman looks beautiful and has gorgeous makeup. The most striking thing is the two things hanging around her waist. There is a ruby gourd on her left waist and a Qingguang jade pendant on her right waist. They are dazzling and extraordinary treasures. The one who looks like a teenager is volcanic Tongyu, 79 in the Dragon list, and the other woman is Yuhu Jin Wenjun, 91 in the Dragon list! These three people are all the top 100 experts in the Dragon list. When the three appeared, they saw Fang Yang\’s body with aggressive eyes. The warrior holding the magic mirror turned pale and said, \”the Dragon pupil is Fangyang. The magic mirror reacts and shines evil spirit!\” hearing this, several people looked at the black air on the magic mirror again. Their faces were heavy and their eyes were cold. \”Long Tong Fang Yang? Unexpectedly, you have also been possessed! No wonder after dispersing with the wine saint and others, you don\’t know. Do you still want to deceive us when you appear?\” Tong Yu\’s voice was thick and revealed the vicissitudes of life, \”I don\’t know whether you are a soul eating Luocha or a thousand faced demon fox!\” Fang Yang opened his mouth and wanted to explain. But suddenly he didn\’t know how to explain. He left the hand bone of the Emperor Ming in his hand. It\’s not suitable for publicity, and I\’m afraid several people in front of him won\’t believe it. Apart from Li mubai, he really doesn\’t know how to be trusted. \”It seems that you have nothing to say. Let me experience the strength of the Eight Generals today!\” sun rukong opened his mouth indifferently, showed the war intention in his eyes, and swept down the long staff in his hand instantly. As soon as sun rukong shot, the wind and cloud changed immediately. The long stick in his hand swept out and the strong wind hit his face. Fang Yang only felt that there was a strong pressure of Mount Tai in front of him, and the power covered him, making him feel irresistible from the bottom of his heart. \”So strong!\” is this the strength of the 64th dragon list?


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