We don\’t talk or dare to ask. We\’re afraid of being targeted

\”What a powerful force!\” Wan Ning was shocked. He didn\’t dare to look down on him. He quickly retreated. He connected three black water swords. When the protective Gang on the body surface was blown to pieces, Wan Ning also happened to leave between the stone forests, which prevented the next attack of sword Qi. Rao was like this. He was also white and frightened: \”what\’s this strange place?\” \”All the mountains and forests are transformed by the sword idea?\” Nie Shuang\’s spirit was strong. After sweeping, he also saw something fishy and said. Xiao Da\’s thin face, his eyes were elated, and his voice was low and full of deep excitement: \”good place! Good place! So many sword ideas are transformed, but it\’s an excellent place to refine the sword way. This time I\’m right!\” He laughed and immediately walked into the stone tablet sword forest. Nie Shuang opened his mouth and didn\’t stop him. Anyway, he needed to explore it. As soon as Xiao Da entered the sword forest, the sword meaning on the stone tablets around him surged out. Two distinct sword meanings ran through from left to right. Xiao Da was happy and fearless. While entering the forest, he The breath of the whole body changed and became sharp. At this time, he seemed to be turning into a long sword. Xiao Da was also a strong sword cultivator and specialized in swordplay. The sword he cultivated was strange and called stone sword. It didn\’t mean literally between stones, but an ancient and thick atmospheric sword. The sword stood like a hard stone and could not be destroyed. At this time, he stood on his feet Among the stone forests, the sword meaning of himself also surges out. The sword meaning of successive stone tablets runs through and turns into countless artistic conception wrapped around Xiao da. Xiao Da\’s body is covered with the air of a gray and black blade. When he raises his hands and moves, the sword meaning surges and fights frequently. He is different from Fang Yang\’s honing. Fang Yang is a sea that accepts all rivers, and accommodates all the sword meaning here to enhance himself. And Xiao Da uses different sword ideas to refine his stone sword skills. With the penetration of the sword ideas of Taoism and Taoism, Xiao DA has no influence at all. He walks towards the center step by step. Along the way, he sharpens his sword skills with the help of various sword ideas, which also makes his sword ideas more and more powerful. In any case, Xiao Da is a martial artist at the level of Tianyang environment Tao spent dozens of times more time on his journey than Fang Yang. His skill of stone sword also made him sit firmly as the captain of the third team in the Golden Lion regiment. \”OK, that\’s good! Ha ha, if I can walk around the sword forest here completely, with the help of thousands of different sword ideas, my own sword will reach a higher level! This boy will help me find a good place.\” Xiao Da was very excited and looked at Fang Yang with some arrogance, \”Well, I think you deserve it, so I\’ll give you a happy way to die and don\’t let you suffer at the little commander!\” Thinking of this, Xiao Da\’s right hand pointed out a little. A gray sword Qi flew out between his fingers and turned into a simple sword shadow, which ran through Fang Yang\’s body. This sword shadow seemed flat, but in fact it used Xiao Da\’s own sword meaning. Under one finger, it was enough to destroy the martial artist at the level of Chu Yang. When I saw that his stone sword shadow was about to stab Fang Yang, I was surprised Fang Yang\’s body trembled and suddenly woke up.


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