Li Siyu went into the yard.

\”You say, who can inherit the position of the head of Mingshan mansion in the end?\” \”naturally, it is Lord Song Ci of Xishan. He is one of the older generation of Mingshan mansion. He has been in Mingshan mansion for the longest time and has the deepest qualifications. He should be allowed to manage Mingshan mansion.\” \”Come on, Song Ci\’s seniority is always old. He was in office before Lord Li Ru took charge of Mingshan mansion. But he only cares about the well-being of their song family. Has he ever taken charge of ordinary civilians in Mingshan mansion? If such people let him take charge of Mingshan mansion, they will certainly have their own pockets. This magnificent Mingshan mansion will become the private property of their song family. It\’s still Beishan Liming\’s high prestige. Although Li Mingjun came here Mingshan mansion has the shortest time, but it has made the greatest contribution to Mingshan Mansion by following Lord Li Ru. \”\” yes, Li Mingjun is powerful and has a level of half early sun. Do you remember the killing of demons three years ago. When Lord Li Ru went out to calm the chaos, a big demon killed us next to Mingshan city. It was thanks to Li Mingjun\’s action that he was saved from disaster. \” \”Hey, you can also believe this self-made and directed drama. I heard that Li Mingjun secretly raised a big demon in Beishan. That time, he specially released a big demon to buy people\’s hearts.\” \”fart, how can Li Mingjun be such a person?\” \”Believe it or not. Lord Wang Qianshan of Dongshan should stay in Mingshan mansion. He is silent and resolute. He used to fit behind Lord Li Ru. He is not arrogant, impetuous, greedy for work and extravagant. This kind of person is the best choice to manage our Mingshan mansion.\” \”Wang Qianshan is only a first-class martial artist. It\’s OK to let him obey orders. He can\’t manage it.\” \”Why don\’t you mention Tianshu sect? Meng Kang of Tianshu sect is a student of Lord Li Ru and may inherit the mantle of Lord Li Ru.\” \”Fart students, the scholars of tianshuzong like to put gold on their faces. Lord Li Ru just went to tianshuzong to teach a class with the attitude of being a Confucian scholar at the same time. They became that everyone regarded themselves as a student. They were shameless.\” \”it\’s better for Lord Song Ci\”, \”it\’s best for great talents of Li Mingjun\” and \”Lord Wang Qianshan disagreed\” There was a lot of noise in Zhenxiang Pavilion. From the first few people talked to the last floor, the whole floor was shouting about it. If it wasn\’t for the background of Zhenxiang Pavilion, it was estimated that there would be people fighting. At this time, in the corner of Zhenxiang Pavilion, a young man didn\’t participate in the noise here. He drank quietly and drank slowly, but actually heard everyone\’s words He frowned and thought for a while. \”The supporters of the four forces have their own, are they not equal?\” The young man muttered to himself and looked up. He could see a beautiful face. This person was Fang Yang. After being closed in Jianhe mansion for a month, Fang Yang was initially refined into an external incarnation. He entered the body with the starlight in the starlight hall and devoted himself to cultivation to supplement his lost Qi and spirit. In just one month, his strength has recovered completely, even better than before Many. Then, considering that there was not much time, he hurried to Mingshan mansion. He had to settle the affairs of Mingshan mansion before long Wushuang and others came out of Longyuan mansion. Otherwise, Fang Yang would be caught in a fight and it would be difficult to take care of the affairs here. So he left for Mingshan mansion overnight.


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