Speaking of the object, Li Siyu looked at Zhang Chaoyue standing behind him.

\”Your residence is in this mansion. There is a special manor. All the people who have been selected to participate in the big house dispute live in it. You two can go and wait with me first.\” Liu Ziqian looked at Shuiqian\’s gentle sun Manzi again. \”Then we two go first and wait. You have a good fight.\” Sun Manzi smiled. Xin Guihua scolded, and the three of them followed the steward and prepared to participate in the fight. Liu Ziqian led sun Manzi into the mansion. As the place where the mansion owner is located, the mansion covers a huge area. Liu Ziqian directly led them out of the courtyard of the north courtyard, where there are a list of small manors, living alone, all for this occasion The people who participated in the battle for the big house prepared it. It can be seen that the conditions were still very favorable. The three people just walked in and saw a group of people coming out. When Liu Ziqian saw these people, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly and his steps stopped. The people in front also saw this side. When they were led by the leading man, they came a few steps. The leader was a green man in a luxurious red shirt He was a young man with sharp cheeks. The most conspicuous thing was his hooked nose. His eyes were dark and vicious. There was a smell of bloody slaughter on his body. Moreover, he was full of mysterious Qi. If he glanced around, he would not be afraid. This person was Yin Hongyan, who was said by Liu Ziqian to be wandering in the netherworld passage! Yin Hongyan is really famous in the netherworld passage. I He has been ranked in the Dragon list and is attached to a large regiment in the nether passage as the sub head. This time, he was invited by Liu Ziqian to lead a group of his men to participate in the big house battle. He has great ambition. He not only covets the reward given by the Longyuan Dynasty, but also wants to make a great event to make himself famous. After seeing Liu Ziqian, he smiled \”Master Liu, I\’m not used to the appearance of your outer incarnation.\” \”I\’ll get used to it after watching it more times.\” Liu Ziqian smiled calmly. \”I don\’t know if master Liu has finished considering the proposal I put forward last time?\” Yin Hongyan asked, \”As long as you teach me the cultivation method of external incarnation, I will help you zhenlingfu win the first place in the big house dispute!\” Liu Ziqian frowned and said, \”this is not a small matter. Besides, if you want to cultivate external incarnation, you must have spirit beads. If you can get spirit beads, I can teach you, but now\” He shook his head. Yin Hongyan is capricious. If you give him what he needs now, who knows if he will turn against him. Liu Ziqian doesn\’t want to cause some trouble. \”Master Liu is really not a straightforward person.\” Yin Hongyan looked dissatisfied. Liu Ziqian just smiled noncommittally. \”It\’s so easy to win in this big house battle. As long as you give me all the places and let all my men fight, it\’s not a problem to sweep the big house.\” Yan Hongyan raised his cheeks and said proudly. \”Of course I know your strength, but this big house battle is a matter for the big houses of the Longyuan Dynasty. We should show the strength in the house. Although your group is strong enough, if there are too many people, it will be suspected of flattering the public. In addition, there are 30 people left for you, which is already a lot.\” Liu Ziqian refused. \”Hum.\” Yin Hongyan snorted coldly, and his face was suddenly gloomy. Even in front of Liu Ziqian, he didn\’t mean to hide his emotions. He just couldn\’t attack directly because of Liu Ziqian\’s position as the leader of the house. He turned his eyes and looked at the two people behind Liu Ziqian.


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