These daily necessities were bought here. I put in the rubber shoes I bought in the town before, and then wrote a letter and stuffed them in.

\”It\’s good that no one is injured or killed. Although there are no people in Wuwu desert, there are still many poisonous monsters. Be vigilant and try to find the sand silkworm quickly.\” Jiang Tianhua said. Liao Guangqi turned his head and saw Yu Zhou with a palpitating expression and asked, \”by the way, Yu Zhou, you\’re going to find the sand silkworm on this trip. Do you know what the sand silkworm looks like?\” Yu Zhou was stunned and blinked: \”isn\’t it a silkworm?\” \”it means you don\’t know?\” Liao Guangqi asked. Yu Zhou scratched the back of his head. Even if he didn\’t have to say it, everyone knew what it meant. \”How can the monster living in this arrogant desert be a common silkworm?\” Qiu Yuanwu snorted, \”You didn\’t understand clearly, so you brought us here? Let us die?\” \”brother Jiang, do you know the sand silkworm?\” Shao Zirong asked. Jiang Tianhua frowned and shook his head: \”I\’ve only heard about it once, but I don\’t know what it looks like.\” \”What should we do now? We don\’t even know the appearance of the insects we\’re looking for. The Wuwu desert is so big. Do we want to look for a needle in a haystack?\” Liao Guangqi also looked discontented. Yu Zhou bowed his head in embarrassment and knew that he was too impetuous. He only heard that the silk produced by the sand silkworm was of excellent quality and couldn\’t wait to get it. He didn\’t think that the sand silkworm was different from ordinary silkworm. Seeing that the people\’s actions were at an impasse because of the sand silkworm. Fang Yang suddenly raised his eyebrows and said: \”I know the appearance of the sand silkworm.\” \”you? You are a boy in the early days of the empty and dark world. You haven\’t been promoted for a long time. Will you know this rare poisonous insect?\” Qiu Yuanwu didn\’t believe it. \”Brother Yang, do you really know?\” Jiang Tianhua also asked with half faith. Only Yu Zhou seemed to find a life-saving straw and came up to Fang Yang: \”what\’s that like?\” Fang Yang looked ahead and said, \”the sand silkworm is yellow and covered with sand and stone, and its body shape is extremely large. Some can reach ten feet long. It used to live in the depths of the desert desolate land all year round, but occasionally floats up to soak up silk and hunt food.\” \”ha? What are you talking about? Ten feet? You\’re talking about silkworm?\” Liao Guangqi sneered, \”Is your brain OK?\” Qiu Yuanwu snorted coldly. \”Nonsense, even if the sand silkworm is a strange insect, it is a kind of silkworm after all. If it is ten feet long, you can say it is a python!\” \”don\’t talk about things you don\’t know! Make a fuss.\” Shao Zirong looked contemptuous. Jiang Tianhua frowned and dissatisfied: \”Brother Yang, everyone is very serious. Even if you don\’t know, you shouldn\’t talk nonsense.\”


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