Chang Xueqin saw her happy appearance and knew that she was jumping several levels in a row.

Fang Yang chuckled: \”aren\’t you from Fang Yang Group? Since you\’re from Fang Yang Group, I\’m naturally your big brother.\” \”you\” sun Manzi just wanted to scold, suddenly thought of something, looked stunned and hesitated, \”are you the dragon and snake list Fang Yang who offered a reward of 100 million yuan?\” \”that\’s good.\” Fang Yang answered. Sun Manzi was speechless and kept silent for a long time. He couldn\’t help grinning and then laughing. \”Ha ha ha, interesting, interesting. Fortunately, we also wanted to gather a force to enter the ancient corpse battlefield with the help of Fang Yang\’s name. As a result, we didn\’t expect to collect it. We didn\’t know to collect the real person.\” He has no doubt about Fang Yang\’s identity. Fang Yang, who is well-known on the dragon and snake list, is the strength of concentrating on the realm. It is said that many Kongming warriors died in Fang Yang\’s hands, especially survived the attack of Chen Jiuyin in chuyang. Sun Manzi didn\’t believe these hearsay things, but he saw Fang Yang with his own eyes When the sword killed ten martial artists in the empty and dark world, he would believe it if he didn\’t believe it. Fang Yang smiled and said, \”why, am I not worthy of your name?\” sun Manzi laughed and looked embarrassed. It\’s a common problem for martial artists in Tiance mansion to have higher eyes than the top. They won\’t believe anything until they have seen it with their own eyes. \”If it were you, it would be normal to have this strength. It seems that there are indeed a lot of Kongming martial artists who died in your hands.\” sun Manzi grinned. Fang Yang said with a light smile, \”it\’s OK.\” sun Manzi thought about something, stretched out his arms and lay on the grass: \”well, you kill me.\” \”hmm? Who said he was going to kill you?\” Fang Yang raised his eyebrows and said. Sun Manzi opened his eyes and looked at Fang Yang suspiciously: \”don\’t you kill me? Pretending to be my name is a taboo. Besides, I have a contradiction with you. You are not a kind-hearted guy in the rumors.\” Fang Yang turned his eyes: \”you provoked me first, and I was not allowed to resist? As for the matter of pretending, you are free.\” Sun Manzi was stunned and looked at Fang Yang strangely. He didn\’t say a word for a long time. \”Is it true that there is a grudge between us?\” As Fang Yang spoke, he touched four silver needles with his fingertips. His wrists moved and the four silver needles whizzed down. Sun Manzi frowned and closed his eyes. He thought Fang Yang was a killer in pain. But when he waited for a while, his consciousness was still there. Not only was there no pain on his body, but there was a strange feeling. He opened his eyes and saw that Fang Yang\’s four silver needles were stabbed in the ground On his head, left arm and chest, half of the silver needles trembled slightly, and the dark Qi in Fang Yang\’s hand flowed into the four silver needles. A moment later, Su Manzi only felt that he was pricked for a while, and then a faint breath ran into his body along the silver needles. The meridians he had been hurt in the previous series of fierce fights began to recover slowly, but only a few breaths With my kung fu, my limbs have gradually gained strength.


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