Li Siyu touched his face, which is really more mellow than most people now.

Meng Qianxue was staggering to his feet. When he heard the words, he also looked over. Dai Mei was a little cluster on his pale face: \”Zhou Yiqing.\” the group in front of him, wearing mixed yuan style clothes, was impressively the son of the deputy head of the house and the people led by Zhou Yiqing. As for another group of people, Meng Qianxue also knows that the leader is Jin Fengrui. It seems that the two groups unknowingly got together and bumped into each other at this time. Meng Qianxue secretly complained. Zhou Yiqing and his gang were attracted by Zhu Shuang\’s aggressive attack. When they came here, they unexpectedly met an acquaintance. \”Fang Yang? So you are Fang Yang, interesting, really interesting!\” Jin Fengrui looked cold and looked at Fang Yang sitting cross legged over there. He kept in mind the humiliation he received in Qingyun chamber of commerce that day. He didn\’t want to kill the boy for revenge all the time. Later, he knew that the boy who provoked his anger was Fang Yang, a new star who caused a big storm in the Longyuan dynasty! Knowing this, Jin Fengrui wanted to kill him more. He was surprised to meet him here. \”Who are you?\” Zhu Shuang said coldly. Jin Fengrui arched his hand and said, \”I\’m the first-class sect of the lower Hunyuan mansion. Jin Fengrui, the chief disciple of the Jinshan sect, is Zhou Yiqing, the son of the deputy chief of the mansion. Dare you ask this elder, but I\’m from niansheng sect of Tiance mansion?\” \”yes, my name is Zhu Shuang, and the surname of niansheng sect is the third.\” Zhu Shuang said proudly. Jin Fengrui was pleasantly surprised: \”it\’s senior brother surnamed Zhu.\” there are three surnames in the niansheng sect, namely Ma, Zhu and Gou. These three surnames constitute the high-level group in the niansheng sect. This person ranks third among the Zhu surnames and has an extraordinary status. \”What are you doing here?\” Zhu Shuang said. If these people are Fang Yang\’s helpers, he will have a lot of trouble. Fortunately, Jin Fengrui\’s words reassured Zhu Shuang. \”Don\’t worry, elder martial brother Zhu. We also have a big grudge against Fang Yang. Naturally, we love to see him die. If elder martial brother Zhu is inconvenient, we can do it for him.\” Jin Fengrui smiled. \”Childe Zhou.\” Meng Qianxue heard this and looked at Zhou Yiqing. Zhou Yiqing\’s face changed and he was struggling in his heart, but only for a moment, his expression returned to cold: \”Miss Meng, needless to say, I can save your life, but Fang Yang must die!\” \”brother Zhou still loves beauty. No problem, the woman can be let go.\” Jin Fengrui smiled. Zhu Shuang glanced at it and nodded at will. Killing Fang Yang is the main thing.


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