What do you do in the mine?

The final winner is Ling Xuan. As for Fang Yang\’s inclusion in the dragon and snake list, sooner or later someone will carry his head in exchange for a reward! Ling Xuan doesn\’t intend to let Fang Yang go. Although he can\’t play any tricks in front of Tang still, he must take the boy\’s life one day! As long as Tang is still obedient around him, he won\’t have to worry about anything at that time. Even if she killed Fang Yang, she must be inseparable from herself. Ling Xuan was so excited that he couldn\’t help raising his hand to touch the face he was haunted by. Pop. Before his hand touched Tang\’s, it was ruthlessly opened. Ling Xuan\’s expression quickly darkened: \”what do you mean, don\’t forget your identity!\” \”we haven\’t got married yet.\” Tang still closed her lips. Even if the ending was her own choice, she still couldn\’t obey at this time. \”When are you going to be noble?\” Ling Xuan refused. \”You are now my concubine! What do I ask you to do? What do you want to resist? What do you expect?\” \”ha ha, do you expect Fang Yang\’s shit to save you? If he dares to step into Shenhuo County, I\’ll divide him into five parts!\” Ling Xuan snapped, \”Still, you have forgotten the ten million.\” Tang still trembled and his shoulders drooped powerlessly. Once Fang Yang really had the reward on the dragon and snake list, he must be ten dead and lifeless. This must not happen! As soon as her beautiful eyes closed, her eyes trembled, but she no longer struggled. Ling Xuan smiled proudly: \”As long as you obey me honestly, I will give you a lot of benefits.\” He stretched out his hand and touched his soft black hair. He couldn\’t help but take a deep breath. The fragrance was full of his nose, and Ling Xuan was also intoxicated. Tang was still doing it with a slight tremor. He bit his lips hard, and unknowingly exuded a trace of blood. He dyed the blue and white lips with a piece of blood red, which became more and more sad. The more she was unwilling, the happier Ling Xuan was. He put his hand around her shoulder, He wanted to kiss deeply. In Tang\’s still closed eyes, a glimmer of water appeared and tears were dripping. Subconsciously, the smiling face appeared in his mind. Finally, he whispered, \”Fang Yang\’s voice had just dropped boom! The door leaf suddenly burst and flew out like a fallen leaf, falling to the ground and falling into several petals. Ling Xuan suddenly turned his head, looked behind him and said angrily: \”Who is it?\” a straight figure stood there in the smoke.


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