Li Siyu nodded, thinking that if he bought a house in the city in the future, he must pick up his mother to enjoy his happiness.

\”Lower level spirit weapon, eight hundred spirit Yang points.\” \”middle level spirit weapon, twelve spirit Yang points!\” \”upper level spirit weapon, two thousand spirit Yang points.\” After looking at it, Fang Yang already has a vague concept of the value of these weapons. Of course, the data just thought in Fang Yang\’s heart is only a rough idea. After all, even if the weapons of the same level are good or bad, some swords are more expensive even if they are of the same level. \”Go upstairs and have a look.\” When Fang Yang raised his eyebrows, he said faintly. After that, Fang Yang went up. The second floor is relatively smaller than the first floor, and he no longer uses cabinets to load weapons. On each weapon, Fang Yang seems to be able to see a mysterious gas boundary. Obviously, it is protected by people with mysterious gas. If his strength does not exceed that of the person who sets the boundary, he can\’t open it. \”Shit, it\’s so expensive!\” when he came to the sword area, Fang Yang suddenly couldn\’t help scolding. \”The lower level King\’s weapon, 4000 Lingyang points!\” \”the middle level King\’s weapon, 8000 Lingyang points!\” Fang Yang didn\’t see the upper level of the king\’s weapons. Maybe there are no king\’s swords. However, from the point of view of Lingyang alone, we can see how big the gap between weapons is. Moreover, Fang Yang is also a person with vision. Naturally, we can see that the weapons on this floor are much better than those on the lower floor. He glanced and stood in place. Fang Yang said with a bitter smile: \”It seems that we have to get a spirit weapon to use first.\” Fang Yang knows that there are three ways to get the spirit Yang point in Shangyang palace. The first is to track down the wanted criminals. Every week, the \”dragon and snake list\” of Jiuzhou Tianfu will be distributed to all governments. The Shangyang palace where Fang Yang is located is within the scope of Hunyuan mansion, and Hunyuan mansion will send the \”dragon and snake list\” to Shangyang palace. The disciples can go there \”Dragon and snake list\” The second method is trading. There is a trading area at the end of the peak of Shangyang palace, where disciples can sell their things to get corresponding points from disciples. As for the third way, there is a martial arts competition. There is a huge martial arts competition field on the west side of the peak of Shangyang Palace, where disciples can compete , before the contest, first press the points of each party, and the winner will get the points of the other party. Standing in the same place, Fang Yang thought for a while: \”it takes a lot of time to catch the wanted man, and it\’s inevitable that someone will hurt me like the last time, but I don\’t have any points now, and I don\’t have the conditions first.\” Fang Yang said with a bitter smile: \”Now it seems that I can only go to the trading area.\” \”but what can I do for it?\” standing in the same place, Fang Yang frowned and tangled up. But soon Fang Yang\’s eyes flashed a fine light: \”use the pill.\” Fang Yang has many prescriptions of pills in his hands. Before he came to Shangyang palace, Fang Yang had already taken a lot of herbs from the Fang family. It is undoubtedly most appropriate to refine pills and exchange them. As soon as he thought about it, Fang Yang walked out of the hall. After walking out of the hall, Fang Yang immediately went to the internal affairs hall of Shangyang palace. The internal affairs hall is the place where Shangyang palace is in charge of all internal affairs, Responsible for the disciples\’ monthly salary and so on. He handled some things in Fangyang of the internal affairs hall and soon got a crystal stone and a separate courtyard. Each inner courtyard disciple has its own separate courtyard, which is one of the differences from the external disciples. As for the crystal stone, it is the thing to record the disciples\’ points and store the disciples\’ sound every month.


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