Li Siyu has been in society for several years. He still has some eyesight and must be able to see his face.

So next, all the chores were handed over to eight girls, and Zhang Rong began to shut up in his own separate house. Chapter 617 four years (I) Jane Xi began her normal life and cultivation. She took out six bodies in the secret room and purified all the residual souls on their backs. Those pure souls were pulled away by another mysterious force before they went out of Xiyuan mountain. This move did not attract other people\’s attention, which made Jane Xi very satisfied. There were two other demons who were stunned. She used the same method to deal with Haiyu mountain, washed away the mark of demons from them, and purified the residual souls in their black chain. These two people became Jane Xi\’s slaves again. At the same time, she also found that the small golden light group representing faith was growing slowly with a very weak trend. Jane Xi knew that it was the sacrifice and belief of the residents on the star that played a role. After the two demons were purified, they were all collected into Xiyuan star, and Jian Xi\’s six disciples were also brought out of Xiyuan star. Jian Xi taught his disciples, practiced and refined pills when he had time. He would also enter Xiyuan star to understand the mysterious boulder with Jian Nan. During this period, Xinyu and others would send notes to her to tell her peace from time to time, so that she would not miss her so much; Jian Dongjian, Fang Ruoyu, Yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother and Jian Xinyan also spent most of their time living on Xiyuan mountain with Jian Xi. Anyway, everyone will feel very peaceful when they are together. Xiyuan star has become a place for them to relax. Sometimes Jane Xi would stroll around the residential areas on her planet. Of course, she didn\’t let these people find her. There are few natural disasters on Xiyuan star. The weather is good and the spirit is rich. It\’s only a few years later. Xiyuan star has had many small new lives, and what makes Jian Xi happy is that it is probably because the aura on Xiyuan star is very strong. The proportion of children with spiritual roots in newborns is very high, which greatly increases the number of people who can practice here. At present, they are still young. When they are older, she will choose a batch again. Let them study in the Institute of practice. In the Institute of practice, those slaves have grown into qualified teachers, and their accomplishments are not low. With hundreds of years of practice experience, it is more than enough to teach these children. Only Wang Qianqian is still conscientiously guarding the elixir field. They are Jane Xi\’s most loyal slaves. So whether you are a teacher in the college or a medicine farmer in the medicine field. They all do it very seriously. There is also their own medicine field near the college. There are spiritual herbs below level 5, and the number is not very large. Mostly for teaching. The site selection of the college is also very good. At the same time, it has a good earth fire pulse, which is introduced into the danta specially developed by the college. So that the students can learn to refine pills and utensils. In a word, the facilities and equipment of the college are in a few years. Constantly improving. On Xiyuan star, there is no war, no evil cultivation, no law of the jungle, and people live and work in peace and contentment. The residents here have more respect and worship for Jianxi, but let Jianxi have a little regret that there are still too few residents. She is looking forward to going out of the mountain to search for some residents, even ordinary people, because among the lucky stars, even ordinary people have a high probability of giving birth to the offspring of Linggen talent. It is also quite good that the high quality is strong from generation to generation. The days passed day by day In the past four years, Jian Xi has never been so devoted to cultivation. In these four years, the wind surged outside the mountain gate, the world changed, but the mountain gate was still as calm as before. The monks killed by Jane Xi didn\’t cause big waves between the two factions. There were some small commotions, but that\’s all. This made Jane Xi sigh in her heart that the fate of others also indicates that she is not more important than them, isn\’t it? Everyone stands at the same height. They die quietly. No sect decides for them and finds justice for them. Then one day it\’s their turn. I think the ending is the same. Therefore, through this event, Jane Xi\’s sense of belonging to the sect has dropped back to the origin again. Here, just can give her some shelter and stable cultivation environment, in addition, it\’s really nothing. Over the past four years, senior brothers and sisters have occasionally come to her and sometimes invited her to sit with them, because Jane Xi\’s array is powerful. Later, twin senior brothers Wang Anran and Wang ange who left the customs also came to see her and knew her. However, these brothers are not enthusiastic about Jane Xi and did not ask Jane Xi to help them upgrade the mountain protection array.


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