The first thing li Siyu did in the town was kneel on the ground!!

Xin Yan, in fact, the funds to buy back those shares in your hands are all the current working capital of Mohs, plus some bank loans. With these, it will be enough for you and Xi\’er to live for the rest of your life. You see, the future alimony is still in trouble. I think it\’s OK. Anyway, you haven\’t suffered a loss. Mowei stood at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, With his trouser pockets in his hands, he was a very attractive and successful person, but what he said in his mouth, his eyes made Jian Xinyan feel sick. When it comes to divorce, Mowei actually wants to buy out the marriage with a mere $5 million, but Jane Xinyan has mastered a large number of evidence, photos and videos of Mowei through a private investigation company, and the equity distribution agreement of Mowei company is well kept by her. If Mowei wants to divorce, she must agree to these conditions, otherwise, She\’s going to ruin mervey\’s reputation. Mowei was in a hurry to get a divorce and had no choice but to promise her, so there was today\’s scene. \”Don\’t worry, Mowei, I\’m not as dirty as you. I don\’t want the alimony, but it has been stated in our divorce agreement that Xi\’er\’s shares should be paid to her regularly every year. I don\’t need to emphasize this again?\” Jane Xinyan\’s cold face has no redundant expression and her voice is surprisingly cold. \”Don\’t worry, I\’ll remember when I pay dividends at the end of the year. Don\’t bother you.\” after saying goodbye, I didn\’t say a word. I turned and went down the stairs of more than ten steps, went to his car, got into the car, and soon walked away. Jian Xinyan didn\’t shed two tears until then. Just then, a pair of young people walked to the door with a smile. Looking at their happy appearance, they should be the young couple registered for marriage. They looked at the tearful Jian Xinyan strangely, and then looked at the small book with different colors in her hand. With a clear look, Jian Xinyan turned and left and opened the door, Also drove away quickly. But when she was leaving, she clearly heard the two young people say: \”You see, she divorced when she was so young and beautiful. Looking at her crying, it must be a man\’s cheating. Your man, such a good daughter-in-law, don\’t. what\’s good about women outside? I tell you, if you dare to be like that sister\’s husband in the future, oh, my ex husband has a virtue. Be careful that I castrate you. You won\’t be a man for the rest of your life.\”. \”Daughter in law, how dare I! You are the supreme Buddha of our family. Please ~ ~\” the young man seems to be very good at coaxing the girl to be happy. After a few words, the girl happily entered the door and went to get the red notebook that she didn\’t know what to bring her. When Jane Xinyan was driving, she was still thinking that when they were still in love, Mowei would please and make her laugh, care for her, love her and take care of her in every way, but time and money were enough to change a person. What else can such a scum man miss? It\’s better to use this part of the fund to give his children a better life. So she sent Xi\’er to her parents\’ home and began to go abroad to continue her good career, and her grades were quite good. But unexpectedly, the daughter who stayed at home jumped down from the fifth floor just because of her father\’s severe criticism. She also heard after she came back that when the parents who ran down saw their daughter lying in a pool of blood, her mother fainted at that time, and her father was devastated by this matter. Fortunately, fortunately, my daughter was stopped several times before she was considered safe and didn\’t lose her life. Since then, my daughter seems to have grown up overnight. She doesn\’t have to worry about her family anymore, or even be particularly sensible. When she learned that her daughter had jumped from a building, it had been a long time, but she was still scared to death. She only blamed herself for being busy with her career, but still ignored her sensitive daughter. Since she divorced Mowei, her daughter had obviously become rebellious, less innocent and more hatred of the world. The child\’s negative emotions are more and more, which also leads to the parents\’ more and more don\’t know how to educate her. The tragedy also happens. Fortunately, the daughter has finally grown up and become sensible. Since then, Jane Xinyan has never worried about her daughter again, including mervey\’s remarriage. Her daughter attended the wedding on her behalf. She doesn\’t want to go back and see the dog man and woman again, but her daughter is his own flesh and blood after all. But when her daughter came back, she had a rash, but she didn\’t know at that time. She only heard from her parents later, and her daughter solved it quietly. The daughter gave up her surname Mo, followed her surname Jane, and became her daughter wholeheartedly. She had nothing to do with the Mohists, but she still didn\’t stop Mowei\’s ambition. She called her daughter to dinner, but didn\’t send her home safely. Otherwise, how could her daughter have such a dangerous situation in the middle of the night? It was the scene of the murder, Later, hearing her parents\’ reports made her burst into a cold sweat. Chapter 518 Li Dashen and Li Xiaoshen Her daughter\’s affairs are one by one. She solves everything independently, and she only earns the useless money in the field. Why hasn\’t she realized the protection she promised to protect her daughter? Is it really useful for her daughter to make her career so big?


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