Although the song was still singing the original lyrics, she didn\’t pay attention to it. She just tasted the indelible sadness in the song for a long time. \”What\’s the matter with her? How did she fall into this mood again?\” Jane regretted that she woke up after a long time. She was homesick again, missing her relatives and friends. She knew that she should try her best to control this emotion, but she felt that it was better to be sparse than blocked. She always avoided this emotion. Sooner or later, she would collapse. Therefore, sometimes she needed to vent and release her pent up emotions for a long time. Isn\’t singing and music the way she used to express her feelings, including in her last life? Happy, expressed with music, sad and comforted with music. Music has always been a friend, a good medicine and an indispensable partner in her life. This time, because Si Yu\’s departure hit her for four months, it was finally released today. After crying, I felt relaxed and put away the piano. A double key electronic piano appeared in front of me. A solar battery was used as energy supply, and a series of cheerful notes jumped out of it. Yeah! After the release, it\’s time to adjust your mood. Then, let yourself relax. This time, she didn\’t sing, but played heartily. One song after another flowed out of the rectangular box, making people feel involuntarily happy physically and mentally. Tonight, it\’s a one-man concert. When Jane Xi opened her misty eyes, her eyes were a little dry. She rubbed them gently, and it took a while to really recover. Last night, she didn\’t know when she was playing or how many instruments she had changed. She only knew that she relaxed herself without any reason. Until I was tired, I put everything away. I came to her room and lay down in her soft and comfortable bed. I just fell asleep in an instant. This night, she didn\’t practice and didn\’t want to practice. She thought she was an ordinary person. When she had enough, she went to bed and woke up naturally. Yes, it\’s really natural to wake up. I didn\’t care whether the rising purple Qi came or not? No matter how high your accomplishments are, you don\’t force yourself to get up early to practice according to the requirements of the biological clock. Seeing the high sun outside, she knew that it was almost noon. She didn\’t sleep until this time for a long time. She thought about her previous life, like an ascetic monk! I\’m really strict with myself. However, I don\’t know whether it was because of the strange feeling on the way back yesterday, or the complete rest of her energy and spirit after relaxing overnight last night. Her cultivation not only didn\’t decline, but also increased a lot. She even saw the threshold of Yuanying\’s great fullness, but she really shouldn\’t tell others about it. After all, low-key is the king\’s way, otherwise, She just entered the Jin level to the later cultivation of Yuanying. It\’s only such a short time that she has a breakthrough. What does this mean? Even if no one will say anything, it will inevitably make others feel sour, and the appearance of these people doesn\’t matter to Jane Xi. It\’s just that shooting a bird with a gun can still happen, so Jane Xi won\’t be the first bird. Chapter 428 meeting an old friend in another country There were thousands of people, a sea of people and noisy voices. For a moment, Jane Xi doubted whether she had come to the scene of the Provincial Games on earth. It was just that there were countless ancient costume characters in front of her, which made her feel very strange. Yes, today is the opening time of the Dan division conference. The buzzing voice in the crowd didn\’t gradually calm down until the nine clear bells sounded. There are also three levels of alchemists at the lowest level participating in the alchemy conference, and this is the gathering place of almost all alchemists in the whole low-level continent. Many level-1 and level-2 alchemists without qualification also came to the scene to witness the exquisite alchemy skills of those predecessors in the conference. First of all, Dan Yunzi, the first person of alchemy in the whole low-level conference, spoke. It was nothing more than some words of welcome, introducing the basic situation of the conference, the composition of participants and some rules selected by the conference, and finally wishing the conference a complete success. Jian Xi has already known these rules clearly through Liu Shengtao, Dan Yunzi and others. In fact, they are very simple. They are the first round of large-scale elimination, the second round of fine selection and the final determination.


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