Therefore, if Li Siyu can\’t get the job, it will certainly fall on Li Chengjie.

Grandpa, have they succeeded now? Jane Xi asked uncertainly. \”Yes, it\’s successful. When they recover, they have officially become monsters. They have taken off the mortal embryo of ordinary beasts and can continue to practice. If the opportunity comes, they may become adults. However, it\’s too far away. They are still too weak,\” Jian Nan said. \”Turning into an adult? It\’s too far away, but it\’s reassuring that we\’ve passed this pass. Let\’s go into the lucky land. I\’ll wash them. It\’s really uncomfortable.\” Jane Nan didn\’t object when she heard this. She turned into white light and disappeared into the cave. Jane Xi also waved away the two animals, and then played a few tricks to clean up the bloody gas in the cave. He also flashed into the realm of cherishing fate. A clear river. Jane Xi uses the water magic. After washing the two beasts and drying their hair, the two beasts also recovered a lot of energy and saw what they look like now. Jane Xi was very happy, because she found that the size of the two animals was obviously normal, not the big one that she couldn\’t get out. Now with normal body shape, well proportioned bones, beautiful muscles and smooth fur, the God of war sat on the ground and looked at Jian Xi. Appear to be abnormal; Xiao Ze came to Jian Xi with elegant and light steps. Compared with the original tall and powerful, it shocked people. Now it has regained its original sprouting state, but the momentum emitted from its body. But with the majesty of the king. Jane Xi saw a trace of humanized attachment from their eyes, as if they were no longer animals, but two people. \”I don\’t know if you have become a monster in Jin Dynasty. What new skills do you have except a better appearance?\” Jane Xi asked curiously. The two beasts understood what she meant, and there were some small complacency in their eyes. Then they ran to one side and roared a tiger roar, which contained the spirit of killing. Jian Xi immediately concluded that this tiger roar could kill some friars with low accomplishments, such as friars in the period of Qi refining. Then, its tail suddenly swept to the ground. A gust of wind blew, and suddenly the sky was full of dust. The vigorous Qi in the wind seemed to stir people into pieces. \”Wind system?\” Jian Nan was surprised to see that Xiao had the spirit root of wind system, and it seemed that the grade level was not low. \”Xiao has a strong wind spirit root! It seems that there is a lot of room for development in the future!\” Jane Nan looked at the curious Jane Xi and said. \”That\’s great!\” looking at the roar constantly moving up and down, stirring up the overwhelming wind, opening his mouth, several wind blades hit, and attacked the God of war who was eager to try on one side. The God of war\’s hair had been blown by the wind, but he didn\’t panic in the face of the roaring wind blade. At the same time, he opened his mouth and spit out several thunder balls, attacking the wind blades. The thunder balls collided with the wind blade, just as several bombs were detonated at the same time. Jian Xi, hundreds of meters away, felt the power of the gas explosion. \”That\’s good,\” Jane Xi murmured, with a smile on her lips. She didn\’t expect that the two beasts were so powerful. They were no longer ordinary beasts who could only rely on instinct. The two beasts fought like this. The strong wind and thunder complemented each other. The wind and thunder kept on, and the fight was fierce. However, before long, the two new monsters, who had only recovered half their physical strength, were exhausted and scarred. They were so tired that they stretched out their tongues and breathed heavily, and swayed to Jane Xi, making Jane Xi angry and funny. After giving them two pills of blood and Qi tonifying pills again, they said, \”you two! Why did you just take a bath and make it like this again? Doesn\’t the small wound hurt? Fortunately, you don\’t have much spiritual power. Otherwise, what should you do if you hurt each other?\” While cleaning their wounds, Jane Xi nagged at the two animals. The two animals drooped their heads like children who did wrong. \”Don\’t scold them and exercise more. It\’s good for them as long as they don\’t really hurt each other.\” Jane Nan smiled when she saw that Jane Xi was like a mother teaching disobedient children again. \”OK, but when you two fight in the future, you are not allowed to really hurt each other, do you hear?\” Jane Xi said seriously. Seeing the two animals secretly looking at her and nodding their big heads, she couldn\’t help laughing again.


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