These things were enough for them to eat for a while, not to mention that she borrowed the name of her classmates. It\’s too cheap. Others will doubt it.

The whole dinner was attended by all the legitimate children of Fang Hongyuan\’s family. The children from the common people did not attend. Some were too young or not at home, and many went out to work, work and study. Even though today\’s people were not all, Jian Xi still saw the good tutoring of the Fang family and the tolerant and generous side of the Fang family. No one looked down on Fang Ruoyu because he was expelled from his family by the Fang family. Everyone knew the situation at that time, and some admired him. For the sake of his beloved, he would rather give up the rich life of the young grandmother of the \”Tian\” family. How much choice does it take? The most important thing is that the Fang family has few daughters and boys of the same color, which makes the Fang family depressed. They are not afraid that no one will receive them, but they can\’t help but have girls. Every time the daughter-in-law of the Fang family gets pregnant, she looks forward to a girl in her belly, but the result is always disappointing. In these generations, Fang Ruoyu is the only girl, and Jian Xinyan and Jian Xi are girls, which makes the Fang family like it from top to bottom. They don\’t care about the surnames of Jian Xinyan and Jian Xi. They just recognize that her mother and daughter are also of the Fang family. That\’s enough. Such an atmosphere made Jian Xi and Xinyu gradually integrate into it without a little strangeness. Jian Xi finally recognized the Fang family, because she could see sincerity in the eyes of the Fang family, not acting. She knows the crisis faced by the Fang family. The chaotic bead composed of black-and-white bighead fish has been integrated into the space. She doesn\’t know what else this thing is useful for? Why does the \”heaven\” family spare no effort to get it. Even bet on the whole family? However, even if the chaotic bead is not integrated into the space, she will not give it to the \”heaven\” family. This is something from Grandma\’s mother\’s family and a treasure inherited by their family. The Fang family is really involved for them, so this time she must protect the Fang family. How can the Fang family sacrifice for their family? In that case, how can she feel at ease? If you don\’t have a good mood, how can you further your cultivation? After the dinner, she lay in her room. The God of war walked around the table and jumped on the antique bed. She lay down beside Jane Xi, who stroked her plush head. While thinking about things on your mind. Ares came by plane with her. God of war who has never been on a plane. At first, I was afraid of heights, but then I got better. At the dinner party. The God of war was favored by the young men at this table and got a lot of delicious food. \”God of war, how can I protect the Fang family? Don\’t let them hurt the \’Tian\’ family? I\’m only one person?\” Jane Xi murmured. The God of war just looked at Jane Xi with his bright eyes, stretched out his tongue and licked Jane Xi\’s hand. Although it is very spiritual, it still doesn\’t understand such complex words, but it understands that the master is very confused now. \”Doll, why don\’t you ask me about something? I\’m alone there discussing with a dog?\” at this time, Jane Xi\’s ring suddenly drilled a ray of transparent energy and gradually gathered into a figure. Only Jane Xi can see the figure floating in the air. \”Grandpa?\” Jane Xi now doesn\’t reject such a title for Jane Nan, and calls it out naturally. \”Do you always have a way?\” Jane Xi suddenly sat up and asked in surprise. \”I think the doll is usually very clever. Why is she so stupid at this time?\” Jane Nan floated around in front of Jane Xi with her hands behind her back and said in a tone of lesson. \”Ah? Grandpa, I –\” some of Jane Xi\’s brains crashed. \”What am I? I\’ve observed the Fang family. It\’s just an ordinary Wulin aristocratic family. The strange door dunjia and mechanism information arranged around them can only deal with some martial artists. If there are those heavy heat weapons you showed me, it\’s too fragile and empty. It\’s a waste of this place. You know, the mountains and rivers around this place are natural The formation of a very powerful array base of killing array and maze array, but the Fang family did not use it at all. Although some buildings also coincide with some array principles, it is too superficial. If all the natural array bases around are used, there is no way to attack it, not to mention a Wulin aristocratic family, Xiuzhen aristocratic family, or the heat weapon you said. Now What a waste! \”Janan shook her head and sighed, shouting\” what a pity! What a pity! \” \”Really? When I came here, I saw that the surrounding mountains and rivers should be naturally formed arrays, but in such a large place, my level is unable to arrange a mountain protection array based on this natural array,\” said Jane Xi sadly. \”Stupid doll, don\’t you still have grandpa me? Grandpa, what do I do? In those years, it was also the famous array sect in the cultivation world – er, forget it, forget Grandpa. Anyway, if you want to save the Fang family, you should listen to me and I\’ll teach you to arrange it, but the premise is that you have to let the Fang family raise the array materials.\” when Jian Nan said half proudly before, But suddenly stopped and stopped talking. However, in the second half of the sentence, Jane Xi was very surprised. Yes, there was this old ancestor around him. He was not alone! It was just this material – Jane Xi\’s face was depressed again, \”Grandpa, there are very few items for cultivation now. The spirit stones I use for cultivation are very economical. They are left to me by my inheriting master, but she doesn\’t leave much. There are only a few hundred spirit stones, which I can use. Where should I find so many materials for such a huge array?\”


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