Li Si Nong\’s house is around the town and has to cross the whole town.

I can\’t teach. When his mother was still alive, Xinyu couldn\’t do anything. He was angry with his mother every day. The change began after his mother died. Now he not only studies well, is sensible, but also does housework. His body is much better. His mother would be very happy if she knew. Isn\’t that her biggest expectation all the time? Unfortunately, she looked at it No.\” Cang Jun\’s eyes became a little distant and his tone was low. Guan Fei\’s eyes darkened when she heard this. She didn\’t make a sound. Instead, she made a fork and turned her attention to other places. Soon, grandma Cang shouted in the kitchen, \”dinner is ready. Let\’s all sit in the restaurant.\” All the people were also tempted by the aroma. They were already impatient. Everyone was not an outsider. When they heard the sound of dinner, they all came to the restaurant to find a good place and sat at a large table. Fortunately, the table is big enough. When the last dish was served, the table was full of 14 dishes. As grandma Cang said, there were chicken, duck, fish, crab and prawns. The crowd looked at the table full of brightly colored dishes and counted, \”what\’s this sparerib?\” Grandpa three asked. \”Sweet and sour pork ribs\”, \”this is crucian carp soup\”, \”Kung Pao shrimp balls\”, \”steamed river crabs\”, \”home-made cold dishes\”, \”tiger skin chicken feet\”, \”cold and tender tofu\”, \”Fenglin eggplant\”, \”hot and sour potato shreds\”, \”fried beef with slippery eggs\”, \”fried dried tofu with leek\”, \”hot cabbage\”, \”homemade meat skin jelly\” and \”fish flavored shredded meat\”. After reporting the dish name, Xinyu sat down and welcomed the praise of the whole table, Xinyu smiled, but he didn\’t look complacent. Only he knew that if it wasn\’t for his promise to his mother, he might never cook these dishes or learn to cook carefully, because he wanted to take good care of himself and his family. At present, this is one of the few things he can do. \”There are so many dishes, but my mother can\’t eat a bite,\” Xin Yu thought, his eyes darkened, and he didn\’t feel much happy at the bottom of his heart. At the dinner table, the atmosphere was very warm. A considerable part of the reason was that Xinyu\’s dishes were really good. It was really not easy for a 15-year-old junior high school student to manage such a big table. Whether it was sincere or false, he never stopped praising Xinyu. \”Second sister-in-law! Your grandson has taken advantage of it. He has grown up and is sensible. I really envy you. Our grandson is so young. When can he be like Xinyu? How good!\” the third grandma is very eloquent. Her big eyes look like a mindless silly sister, but she is the most talkative and calculating. \”Xin Yu has grown up, and the dishes are so delicious. How wonderful! Your family is blessed!\” this is the words of Granny triangle eye, who doesn\’t know whether she is jealous or envious. \”See if my nephew has the potential of beautiful men in Taiwan idol dramas?\” said second uncle Xinyu. \”I think it\’s much more energetic than them. Let my son grow as long as his big brother.\” this is the third aunt Xinyu. The other third uncle Xinyu\’s younger brothers are only two years old and very cute. They are as popular as the samples posted in the children\’s photo studio. …… Xinyu just smiled at what they said and couldn\’t speak until he had to. He was just eating his own food silently, but his keen five senses felt the attention of the woman named Guan Fei to him, and his eyes shuttled back and forth between him and his father cangjun intentionally or unintentionally. Another reason for the warm atmosphere is that everyone\’s topic will take this strange woman Guan Fei more or less, or help her with dishes, or inquire about other people\’s situation, which makes Xinyu wonder. No one talked about it, and Xinyu didn\’t guess it. However, there is no reason to be wary of her. Grandma Cang surprisingly didn\’t talk much about this meal, but sometimes she mixed dishes for Xinyu. There were many people on the table. Everyone was full of gossip. They didn\’t find this strange phenomenon. Only cangjun looked at his mother and a trace of confusion flashed in his eyes. Since the meal at Grandma\’s house that day, Xinyu found that cangjun often called him at night and said he wouldn\’t go to Jane\’s house to pick him up. Xinyu didn\’t care. Because Jian Xi told him that day, Xinyu was basically sent home together with Ruonan and Tianhao by Xinwei\’s bodyguards. There was nothing wrong. His mind was all about learning and cultivation, and he didn\’t think much, Go on with your business, and the days passed quietly day by day. In the twinkling of an eye, it was another year\’s winter vacation. It was the winter of 2012. The snow was very heavy and heavy. Snow clearing vehicles often cleaned the snow on the roads in the dead of night. However, even so, Jane Xi overheard that there were still people missing. She just didn\’t know whether it had anything to do with the original thing, The residents in the city were still kept in the dark and didn\’t know anything. The relevant personnel were strictly sealed.


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