He was followed by a boy of more than one meter six. He was very gentle and wore a pair of glasses. He looked like a man.

The golden shield was shattered, and the four fairy guards flew out. After crashing into the main fairy palace, dense cracks appeared in their bodies.The immortal emperor\’s guard at the back was even more miserable. The immortal slave\’s second punch caused the shock to kill nearly 100,000 immortal emperor\’s guards, and even Shanghai was almost severely injured. , As long as the head is not completely shattered, it will soon recover.But Xiannu\’s second punch made Shanghai feel jealous.Xiannu, enter the main fairy palace. The emperor\’s voice was excited.Oh…Xian Nu let out a low growl, stepped forward, and rushed forward, only to see a colorful shield appeared on the main fairy palace, which blocked the path of Xian Nu.The immortal slave, whose temper was soaring, was furious and slammed a punch on the colorful shield. The entire shield could only resist for a while, and it burst open, and the fairy slave stepped onto the steps of the main immortal palace. At this moment, Shanghai felt a more dangerous aura coming from the main immortal palace.It was an extremely dangerous aura, which was greater than the threat posed by the fairy slave.suddenly!The main fairy palace twisted, and a figure rushed out. It was a vague figure. Even with the perception of Shanghai, it could only be vaguely caught, but it was impossible to see who it was. When the reaction came over, Xian Nu let out a painful and miserable howl, and flew out, only to see a deep fist mark on Xian Nu\’s chest.Bang bang bang…After a large number of Immortal Emperor\’s guards were hit by the Immortal Slave, they couldn\’t bear the impact and exploded on the spot.There was an extra person at the entrance of the main fairy palace.This man’s hair is extremely long and grows scattered, almost covering the whole person. The clothes he wears are covered with various thick dirt, as if they have not been washed for many years, a strong fishy smell. The smell radiates from this person.Xianlong… Xianhuang stared at that person.You ran here again. You haven\’t won once in thousands of years, so you still don\’t want to give up? Xianlong\’s tone was rather light, and he didn\’t sound like a madman.Deal? Unless I die, I will never give up. I haven\’t won before, but now, I\’m sure to win. Xianhuang sneered.Are you sure to win? Hahaha, I\’m so ridiculous, your fart is still so smelly after you have been so fart for thousands of years. Xianlong\’s voice became different from each other, and it was starting to be a little abnormal.If it weren\’t for you to guard, I would have broken open this main fairy palace. Xianlong, hand in the fairy clan code, recognize me as the lord of this generation of immortal clan, and I will spare your life.The fairy clan code? What is that? Xianlong pulled out his long hair, revealing a generous face with a lot of black beards, and his expression was full of surprise and surprise, as if he really didn\’t know. What is the so-called fairy clan code.


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