Therefore, he often wanders around here for a day, but he can\’t get a guest. He spends half of his time on the square every day, and there is a lot less time for cultivation. In addition, he has no resources, poor qualification and ugly appearance. He can be promoted to a golden monk thanks to his perseverance and perseverance.

boom……The hidden nine immortal shadows came out with the seven tones of the Shenqin, and the Peak God King subconsciously urged all his strength to defend, but he was still a step behind. After exhaustion, the pinnacle god king was completely ragged, and his whole body was covered with cut scars. Although it was only a skin injury, his appearance fell into everyone\’s eyes.Junior is looking for death…The pinnacle god king was completely angry, and his eyes burst out with endless sharpness. Under the urge of this rage, a more powerful force erupted from the pinnacle god king. This force was compared with Shanghai and Shanghai. The peak god kings Bi Yuelan had encountered were much stronger.One finger!As if penetrating the endless void, the pinnacle god king\’s angry finger had appeared in front of Bi Yuelan and directly pointed to her forehead…Chapter 1515suddenly!Bi Yuelan\’s brows lighted slightly.The pinnacle god king who pointed to suddenly felt the extremeWith a dangerous aura, he didn\’t have time to think about it, he quickly reduced the power of that finger, and quickly swept backwards, the sound of the seven divine pianos cut through the lines of the void.One arm was cut off, and the pinnacle god king snorted and was already injured.what……The pinnacle god king is injured…The strong people in the field were shocked, staring at the broken arm in amazement. If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t have dared to imagine that the Peak God King would not be able to beat a strong man who was only the peak of the Sixth World Zun. Could it be that Has the world changed? How strong is the powerhouse at the pinnacle of the Sixth World Zun so terribly strong?boom……Void shook suddenly, and the deity\’s aura immediately enveloped the central stone platform and that corner, and the furious deity made a move.The terrifying aura was overwhelmed, and the chests of many Primordial powerhouses were choked, and even breathing became difficult, and some were even dizzy. This was only suppressed by the remaining might of the momentum. If it were directly overwhelmed, I am afraid He vomited blood a long time!Shanghai\’s stepping speed slowed down. Every time he took a step, his whole body was tight, and blue veins appeared on his skin. Under the aura of the god, he seemed to be suppressed by a star field, and his speed became more and more. Slowly, when it comes to the back, it is extremely difficult to even take a step.


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