\”Brother Shangguan, I also know. But I\’m really unwilling to put such a young and promising alchemist for the family. Doesn\’t brother Shangguan think so?\” Yan Song raised a sneer on his lips and looked at Shangguan lie meaningfully.

With a loud bang, this great ancient superpower suddenly exploded…The power of the remaining demons passed through, containing the meaning of supreme dominance, rushing into the depths of the dark space, and directly falling on the outside world.Spike!Direct spike!Even Shanghai couldn\’t help being stunned, and at the same time, the magical power was like a tide, quickly fading, coming fast, and retreating fast. This made Shanghai a little difficult to follow, and finally dominated it. A terrifying force, but I didn\’t expect it to retreat.Does it really need to encounter other strong men who possess the power of demon in order to elicit it? Shanghai tried again, but found that no matter what, the power of demon could no longer be elicited. Obviously, it was because of the encounter with the power of demon. Only the strong of power can trigger it.The strength of that power gives Shanghai the feeling that it is not just power, but a kind of magical skill. No, it should be said that it is a magical skill. Only a magical skill can control the supreme skill, and the power of this skill is Contained in the power of the devil.Moreover, there is a feeling in Shanghai that the magic skills that he has just induced are not real magic skills, but only a small part. If it is a real magic skill, the power is probably beyond imagination.call out……The mind and consciousness were instantly taken back.Shanghai recovered, and immediately felt that all the eyes around him were focused on him, and when he looked at those strong men, they were all dumbfounded. Some eyes were full of awe. At this time, he I just noticed that my fist was against the bronze colossus, and at the position of the fist, a clearly visible fist print came into my eyes.The bronze colossus left mark…Shanghai’s eyes shrank slightly, obviously when the power of the demon was urging in consciousness, Even his body moved, breaking free from the shackles of the bronze colossus, and directly hit the bronze colossus with a punch, just like the cold man before, when he performed the imperial skills, he couldn’t control it because he was too strong. Even if it is the consciousness that comes out, the body will follow it out.Shanghai?At this time, Ji Ya has recovered. At this moment, her face is a little pale, and she is obviously fighting against the bronze colossus in her consciousness. On the side, when his fist was pressed on the bronze colossus, he couldn\’t help feeling a little strange. Upon closer inspection, the moment he saw the fist mark under his fist, his whole body became stiff.Qiaoyan trembled slightly, her beautiful eyes filled with surprise, and at this moment, Shanghai also retracted her fist.The left foot of the bronze colossus is a shallow sword mark, and the right foot is a shallow fist mark. The existence of the two is so dazzling, even if you want to ignore it, it is difficult to ignore.Brother Hao, I passed. Mu Ningxue has already recovered. She is not too surprised by what Shanghai has done, because she knows that Shanghai has been different from ordinary people since childhood, no matter what amazing actions she makes , It should be.Yeah! Let\’s go. Shanghai nodded, his mind was not on the fist mark at the moment. If it was caused by the power of the demon, he would not be surprised, because he had already felt how terrifying the power of the demon was, and that It just inspired a little bit.


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