But soon, his look returned to normal. With a smile, he turned and looked at Jane Xi and said, \”girl, are you all right now? Do you mind entertaining our two old men for a cup of tea!\”

Even so, the two of Shanghai still suffered a terrible impact, and the skin showed a series of cracks. Although the injury was not serious, it shocked the two of them. If the highest step had not suppressed all the power, plus the god emperor If the remaining emperor pattern and emperor prestige suppressed, even if it was less than half of the power, it would be enough to cause severe damage to the two of them.This is only the first tribulation…Shanghai\’s worried gaze turned to the top of Zhengdi Terrace, and Wu Tian was still on the spot, with a unique blue light blooming all over her body, flowing like water waves. All the patterns of the laws of heaven and earth were suppressed outside of the body, unable to get closer. step.Seeing this scene, Shanghai feels a lot more at ease.The second calamity is here… the purple fox said solemnly.As soon as the voice fell, the stage of Zhengdi rumbling and trembling, nine rays of light were shot down from the sky, and falling onto the stage of Zhengdi, each light formed a body, human beings, demons, ancient fierce beasts, etc. Wait… all kinds of creatures are there.And these creatures are all almost reaching the level of the god emperor, just as soon as they are formed, the nine creatures directly besieged and killed, and the agitated power has made the surrounding void even more distorted.In the face of these nine creatures, Wu Tian\’s right hand danced slightly, and the distorted void disappeared under the fingertips, and then nine shadows appeared on Wu Tian\’s body, each of which was comparable to her, but contained a momentum. It\’s even more terrifying.Shoo…The shadow shuttled through the bodies of the nine creatures, and they turned into nothingness one after another.It seems I still underestimated her… Zihu said in a deep voice. One move will destroy the second calamity, which has exceeded Zihu’s estimation of Wutian. Although she has seen Wutian for the first time, she is already familiar with it, but she did not expect Wutian\’s ability to far exceed hers. Estimated.Although Wu Tian has mediocre qualifications, she is very human… Shanghai said.This is the truth. Wu Tian is already a very human being who can continue to practice after his emotions are extinguished. After all, that is the belief that originally supported Wu Tian to survive. After the belief collapses, it can be re-established. This world can do it. Up to this point, there are too few, even Shanghai itself may not be able to do it.After the second calamity was dissipated, the third calamity came immediately, which was the law of thunder transformed by the power of the laws of heaven and earth. There were a total of ninety-nine ways, all of which fell crashingly.Shanghai and Zihu quickly stepped back one step, because the power of the thunder of the law is too terrifying. If they are too close, they will be affected or even involved. If they are involved in their realm, they will die. The chance of falling is great.In the face of these ninety-nine rules of thunder, Wu Tian raised his head slightly, her body soared into the air, and actually greeted the thunder of these rules, rushing directly into it, letting the thunder of the rules continue to bombard her. Nine special bracelets appeared in her hand, which was a set of master emperor weapons, but they were refined by her.Boom boom boom…The nine special bracelets madly absorbed the thunder of the law. When the ninety-nine rules of the thunder fell completely, the nine special bracelets also shattered, and Wu Tian fell from a high altitude.The fourth calamity struck again, and this time it was the thunder of nine hundred and ninety-nine laws. The power was far more powerful than before. The two of Shanghai had already stepped back three steps in succession. There were a lot of cracks.When the thunder of all the laws was over, the two of Shanghai quickly swept to the second-to-last step. When they saw that Wu Tian was still intact, they breathed a sigh of relief, and their hearts became a little nervous. Lossless, this is already very scary.


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