\”Old Sir, I don\’t know what Jane Xi should call you.\” Jane Xi has only now found that she seems to come in from the old man surnamed Bai. She hasn\’t asked who he is or who the Dan Shigong association is.

The Taishi Emperor\’s skill… You actually learned that mad god emperor\’s imperial skill… The horrified voice of Qi Ling came with a flustered tone.Crazy God Emperor? Shanghai, who was performing Taishi Emperor\’s skills, couldn\’t help but startled.Chapter 1469 Three Great God EmperorsDon\’t you know that you are cultivating the imperial skill of that mad god emperor? Qi Ling was a little surprised, \”No wonder you dare to use this skill.\”What do you mean by this? Shanghai\’s expression was low.No one has ever dared to learn the imperial skills of the mad god emperor. If you learn it, you will die… When Qi Ling said this, he paused, \”Don\’t think I lied to you. Since ancient times, there have been eight people who have practiced madness. All eight of the emperor skills of the god emperor died tragically because of cultivating this skill.\”It\’s just a mere eight, and it doesn\’t explain much. Shanghai said.I guessed you would say that.Qi Ling sneered: \”The eight people really can\’t explain anything, but since the ancient times, only these eight people have learned the emperor skills of the mad god emperor, and all these eight people died at the moment they became the quasi god emperor. .\”what……There was a sudden shock in Shanghai\’s heart.Eight people cultivated the Taishi Emperor skills, and all these eight people died at the moment they became the quasi-divine emperor. This kind of thing is too weird. Shanghai is quite suspicious of the authenticity of Qi Ling\’s words.Do you think I will lie to you?Qi Ling said: \”As a tool spirit, I never lie, and you are the ninth learner. When you reach the quasi-divine emperor, you will inevitably perish. It is said that the eight quasi-divine emperors died very hard. It\’s ugly, the mad god emperor\’s emperor skills are terribly evil, and no one can control it except the mad god emperor himself.\”You seem to know the Emperor Taishi very well? Shanghai couldn\’t help but said, he was skeptical of Qi Ling\’s words.Of course I understand that this ring is exactly what the Emperor Taishi took in the past years. Qi Lingyu is not surprising and endless.Hearing this, Shanghai suddenly appeared astonished. He originally guessed that this ring might be something of a certain god emperor, but he never expected that it would be a ring worn by the Emperor Taishi in the past. The passing inside Wanqi Pavilion reminded me of the inexplicable throbbing at that time.It seems that Mingming has guided himself to find this ring, is it the Taishi Emperor skill?Perhaps it is possible that the emperor\’s skill not only contains the terrifying emperor\’s might, but also the will of the god emperor. Perhaps because of the influence of the Taishi\’s emperor\’s skill, he can find the ring.If the ring was something that the Taishi God Emperor had brought in the past, wouldn\’t it be true that the eight powerhouses that Qi Ling said learned the Taishi Emperor skills and died at the moment they became the quasi-divine emperor? If this is the case, then after practicing this Taishi Emperor skill, he will die the moment he becomes the quasi-divine emperor?


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