He gave himself a Dharma formula, cleaned himself up, changed a suit of clothes, and then walked out of the array. The time was just right. He sat cross legged in the open space outside the mustard house. The first ray of purple gas diffused from the sky. Jane Xi breathed it out according to her own breath. Not much, the ray of purple gas disappeared.

Otherwise, what did the middle-level divine palace send people to the Abandoned Realm? This Abandoned Realm was heard in the Primordial Era, it was a place alongside the God Realm, and was called the Spirit Realm. Maybe there is a Primordial Treasure, and I heard that Abandoned Realm Quite special changes have taken place, and even the millions of small worlds have been affected.Speaking of the latter, the two old men ignored Shanghai and started arguing for themselves.But Shanghai didn\’t interrupt, just listened quietly, and a worrisome color emerged from the bottom of my heart. As expected, something went wrong in the Great Wilderness World… I don\’t know what happened to Grandpa and others… Now he is extremely worried.Chapter 1229After passing through a special teleportation array, about half an hour after teleportation, Shanghai and the two old men came to a special area.There is a cliff in front, and an endless void below. Thousands of miles away, it is a small star. Above the whole star, there stands a huge castle. A silver avenue stretches from the castle to this place, connecting This piece of cliff.Although it seems to be only thousands of miles away, the spirit of Shanghai feels that the ancient castle and the cliff are separated by more than thousands of miles, the real distance is at least hundreds of millions of miles, and what they see in front of them is just an illusion.The endless void below the cliff is a sky-grass. Even if the gods will come, one cannot cross this place to reach the castle without passing through this silver avenue. With this natural sky-grass, as long as the ancient castle does not travel to the pool, it is absolutely perfect. It\’s not easy to break.Is that the clan land of the True Underworld God Race…Shanghai stared at the old castle, with complex colors in his eyes. It was his mother\’s former home. Although he didn\’t agree with it, it was the truth. There were his mother\’s childhood and some memories. He was looking forward to seeing it.At this time!The two old men came to the silver avenue, constantly pinching some special seal tactics, and saw the silver avenue emit bursts of light, astonishingly, the special barriers were opening, and it took about ten breaths. Talents put their hands away.Let\’s go. The long-haired old man looked at Shanghai with a little regret and helplessness in his eyes.Boy, I\’m still your elders by all accounts. If it\’s not because our branch has been accepted, why don\’t I let you go, but this God Wuji has become more and more extreme in recent days… If you let him know If I wait to let you go, I\’m afraid this one of us might…The bald old man sighed helplessly. Walking along the way, he also saw that Shanghai\’s character was not as bad as the rumors, and he was willing to let it go, but he was helpless.What your fate is, it\’s up to you. The long-haired old man also sighed.Shanghai didn\’t say much, staring at the castle with a hint of eagerness in his eyes. He had waited for this day for a long time.Immediately!The two old men took Shanghai onto the Silver Avenue.This is a special transmission avenue. After the three of them walked together for more than ten breaths, they came to the end of the silver avenue. Just stepping out, suddenly four terrifying auras poured in, instantly covering the two old men and the three people in Shanghai.的periphery.


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