She doesn\’t know whether the Jin rank will consume the spirit stone like this in the future. If so, she will take precautions. Now she will start to prepare. Just in case, put away the storage bag. She and the shopkeeper are clear. Their dialogue is in the form of sound transmission. In order to ensure the customer\’s satisfaction, only the two of them know how many pills Jian Xi sold and how many spirit stones the shopkeeper paid.

At this time, a special force gushed from Bi Yuelan, pushing Shanghai to the side. This force was extremely soft, as if it had sent him over.Seeing this scene, Shanghai couldn\’t help being surprised, because Bi Yuelan\’s situation at the moment was extremely strange, she slowly floated up, the seven colors of brilliance, like seven lines, spread from her feet to her head, originally white jade Such a body was actually covered with colorful streamers.On the whole, Bi Yuelan looked like… a seven-stringed guqin.Yue Lan is…Shanghai\’s expression became excited, his memory quickly turned, and the vision that Bi Yuelan had now transformed was quickly found in the inheritance of the quasi-god emperor.Miao Yin Shenqin Eucharist… Shanghai looked at Bi Yuelan in surprise.This sacred body of the wonderful sound of the god piano was ranked in the top ten in the ancient times. It is a rare body in the world. Since the ancient times, only one person has owned it, and it is one of the eight well-known great sages. , This person is a woman, ranked as the quasi-divine emperor, and also possesses the eucharistic body of the wonderful sound divine piano.The quasi-god emperor Cang Xuan knew this because he had a relationship with this woman, and the two parted ways later, but this incident was recorded in the inheritance.The eucharistic body of the melody divine piano possesses seven strings, each of which possesses the supreme mystic sound. Generally, the owner does not know that he is the eucharist of the divine melody divine body, and will be aware of it only when it manifests , To inspire the eucharist of the wonderful sound of the god piano, generally depends on the emotion of the owner.Shanghai estimates that Bi Yuelan\’s mood must have been ups and downs just now, and that\’s why her hidden wonderful sound of the sacred body of God is inspired.Among the eight great sages, Cang Xuan, the quasi-god emperor, has the highest evaluation of the sacred body of Miaoyin Shenqin, because this body can be cultivated to the extreme, and it can reach the realm of the god king, and once the god king is achieved, few people will be able to hurt it. The eucharist of the wonderful sound of the god piano.Because the seven divine strings have many supreme magical functions, they can attack and defend, even the quasi gods of the past yearsDi Cangxuan made it hard to break through the defense of the female quasi-divine emperor, but I can imagine how amazing the magical effect of this wonderful sound of the god of the gods is.Unexpectedly, Bi Yuelan actually possessed such a special archaic body, and Shanghai\’s mind was constantly tumbling. There is some inheritance from the quasi-god emperor Cangxuan, including how to cultivate the euphonium of the wonderful sound divine piano. A kind of supreme law to the extreme.moment!Bi Yuelan slowly recovered, her beautiful eyes revealed a look of worry, she naturally knew that her body was different, and every time this happened, it would produce terrible destructive power, so she was worried that it would hurt Shanghai, and saw After Shanghai stood on one side intact, her heart suddenly relaxed.The seven divine strings disappeared, and the seven-color brilliance on his body also disappeared.I didn\’t hurt you just now? Bi Yuelan still couldn\’t help asking.No! Shanghai shook his head slightly, and immediately asked: \”Yue Lan, when did your body have such a vision?\”After I came to the middle level of God’s Domain, I was not in the Temple of Qiantian, but in a deserted area of ​​the middle level. At that time, I encountered a few powerful men who conspired against the law. When I thought I was going to suffer a dangerous situation, my body appeared. This kind of anomaly, and then the strong ones are killed…


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