\”This is a mask. Wearing it, you can change your face freely, but it is only limited to women, and only friars whose accomplishments are higher than your three levels can see the flaws,\” Qi Jiexing explained.

The four raised their heads one after another, staring at the entrance of the closed side hall.hold head high!The hall opened, and an old man in a red robe snatched in.Haha…Four people, congratulations to you for passing the sub-temple test. I am the deacon of the sub-temple, Huang Xu. I don’t know if the four are willing to join us in the Qiantian Temple-Taixu Sub-temple? said the red-robed old man named Huang Xu After that, I glanced at the four people in Shanghai, wanting to see shock and joy in the eyes of these four people, but unexpectedly found that the eyes of these four people were the same as before, and there was not much excitement.This surprised Huang Xu, but at the same time, he couldn\’t help but be secretly surprised. The four of them were really not simple, their potential was amazing, not to mention, even their character was so calm. If they were to be other cultivators, they would have laughed wildly on the spot. .I am willing to join.Me too.Yes! Shanghai nodded slightly.Um!The last one who spoke was the man in Tsing Yi, his expression still cold and arrogant, without any change.The four of you are pretty good, and the performance is quite impressive. You are two brothers and sisters. According to your strength, you should be able to kill more than 8,000 Primordial savages. If you try your best, you can kill more than 9,000. Yes. Huang Xu looked at the two brothers and sisters of Shangguanhong.Hearing that, the two brothers and sisters of Shangguanhong were shocked. They naturally knew that Huang Xu was watching during the test, but by watching, they could fully see their strength. This is not an easy task. It seems to be too vain. The deacon in the branch hall is also extremely difficult.The man in Tsing Yi couldn\’t help but glanced sideways at the two brothers and sisters of Shangguanhong.Huang Xu nodded slightly, and cast his eyes on the man in Tsing Yi, \”What you are cultivating should be Primordial Strength. If this deacon reads it right, you should have a ray of great vitality, so the Primordial Strength can be so powerful, but you The blood is too weak, otherwise it would be enough to kill more than 13,000 Primordial Barbarians.\”The Tsing Yi man\’s pupils shrank slightly, and he didn\’t say anything.At this time!Huang Xu fixed his gaze on Shanghai, and he made a tusk in his mouth.This immediately attracted the attention of the other three people, their eyes filled with incomprehension, and the look of Deacon Huang Xu seemed a little weird.One hundred thousand primordial barbarians, it took three full hours, how did you do it? The deacon thought for a long time, but still couldn\’t figure it out… Huang Xu seemed to inquire about Shanghai, and it seemed to mutter.what……


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