\”Grandpa, are you on earth? Was there a Dan Shigong Association in your time?\”

The results are often completely contrary to expectations. The confident and confident powerhouses have repeatedly used various methods, and even some ancient mysteries have been displayed, but they have never been able to shake the treasure, even the unwilling to give up. The men surnamed Ling took out the Xiangxian cardamom to try, but they still couldn\’t take away Mie Shen Xian.Pieces of treasures fell into Shanghai’s hands. Except for some usable ones, they were all thrown to Bi Yuelan. The latter’s storage bracelet contained dozens of treasures, and these treasures were her usual Many of the things that are hard to see are even heard.After the initial worry, Bi Yuelan gradually calmed down, and she also felt that these powerhouses couldn\’t take away Mie Shenxian.One by one, they walked up, and their faces turned green and backed down. Some strong men who were unwilling to give up continued their second attempt, but one after another failed, making their faces almost black, but they couldn’t say anything, after all. This is a prior agreement and is the result of their unanimous agreement.Is there any other Taoist fellow who wants to try? Shanghai said loudly.try……Some of the strong retreated, but there were still strong ones who did not give up and continued to move forward.Okay, it\’s over here. This thing has already recognized the Lord, why don\’t you wait to continue, waste time not to say, and waste treasures. A voice came from the rear, surprisingly one of the six men and one woman. A man in a golden robe spoke up.Hearing that, the powerhouses who were not willing to give up had no choice but to give up, and those who had already given up did not say anything.Shanghai glanced at the other person, and the other person also cast their eyes. The two looked at each other and then moved away.Although he only glanced at it, Shanghai could feel the threat this man gave him. This man in golden robe was much more terrifying than the strong guys present, and he was even more mad and evil, which made him startled. Yes, after this person spoke a word, the strong ones did not try again. It can be seen that this person has a high reputation among the strong ones, and reputation often also represents ability and strength.Originally thought that only the emperor Sheng Tianzhi had such a mighty power, but she did not expect that there would be people who could have such a mighty power.The man in the golden robe took a deep look at Shanghai, without saying much. He turned and left. The other five men and a woman also left. The beautiful boy also took a look. Without saying anything, he turned back and left. The other strong men saw He looked at Mie Shenxian unwillingly, and finally withdrew his gaze and left.Shanghai didn\’t rush to leave, but waited for everyone to leave before taking Biyuelan on its own.These treasures… Bi Yuelan was about to hand over the treasures in the storage bracelet.These treasures are for you. I don\’t need them for what they are for me. Shanghai smiled and patted her hands.Give it all to me?Bi Yuelan was shocked, knowing that these treasures are rare things, each of them is of astonishingly high value, and in the Temple of Qiantian, they are also valuable things without any market.Well, you can use everything you can use. Shanghai nodded, and the treasures inside were indeed of little use to him. He already had the ancient demon sacrament and his physique was extremely powerful. Something like an artifact for body protection.Unless it is a first-grade body-protecting artifact, other artifacts are dispensable to Shanghai. As for the scarlet blood pill, this is a healing pill. Shanghai has the regeneration of ancient demons, and this is not necessary.


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