Jian Xi\’s divine knowledge searched below, sat around with a small blackboard and taught Xiao Siyu while writing. Of course, Jian Xi usually taught simplified and traditional characters at the same time, because she also wanted him to understand her books when he was older. Although it was only some things of ordinary people, it had a wide range of knowledge, How much is good for his practice.

Dry-hearted Tianjing really can make the mind flow endless… Shanghai\’s eyes were filled with joy, and the barren pattern just now was the one that consumed the most mind among the barren patterns he knew. After the barren pattern was transformed, his mind was refreshed. There is no loss at all.Eighty-one days are extremely urgent. Shanghai didn’t waste time. He devoted himself to the refining process. Without the restriction of mind, lines of patterns continued to emerge. In addition, the ancient demon’s sacred body and the extreme state of reincarnation complemented each other. An endless stream.time flies!Three months is nothing to cultivators. It passed in the blink of an eye. Since Shanghai defeated the top young powerhouses of the four major strengths, Ancient Xuanzong\’s momentum has increased, and other major forces have also come. , But because of the retreat in Shanghai, he didn\’t know it, and even if he knew it, he didn\’t bother to care about it.Click!The door of the main hall slowly opened, and Shanghai walked out of it, with a faint smile on his face. It took eighty-one days and all the materials to finally finish refining the basic barren patterns. Under continuous refining, there is still One advantage is that the refining of wild patterns has reached an extremely skilled level.It can be said that Shanghai has already stepped into the level of a primary barren pattern master, and the only thing lacking is to refine a complete primary barren pattern.The power of the primary barren pattern is far from comparable to that of the basic barren pattern. Even the worst primary barren pattern is about a thousand times stronger than the top-level basic barren pattern. The majesty of the veins almost killed the gods, and it was not yet a complete state of Burning Heaven and Wilderness Runes.There are fifteen kinds of primary barren patterns I can refine, but these are lack of materials… It\’s hard for a clever woman to cook without rice… It seems that we have to find a way to make a couple of them and refine them so that we can also have more hole cards in the future. … Shanghai Xin said.Although he still has a god-sharp barren pattern, which can make him wield a complete Taishi Nine Swords, it can only wield one move.Now in the lower heavens of God’s Domain, the strong people encountered in Shanghai are far above the Great Wilderness in both strength and realm. There are even more gods. Any elder in Ancient Xuanzong is at the level of gods. Able to subdue him in a short time.This is only the Ancient Xuanzong. In the lower heavens of the Gods Realm, there are not many gods, and there may even be top gods or even gods.Because of his own shackles, it is impossible for him to break through to the First World Zun in a short period of time, so Shanghai can only wait for the opportunity. If you want to be able to navigate the lower heavens of God\’s Domain, you must at least reach the level of the gods.Shanghai, you have finally left the customs. Sen Luo swept over.Huh? Are you recovering soon? Shanghai looked at Sun Luo in amazement. With his keen perception, he was naturally able to perceive the power emerging from Sun Luo. It was even more terrifying than before, and it was already almost completely restored. World-honored level.During this time, Sect Master Gu took good care of me and allowed me to soak in the sword pool three more times, so my strength has recovered 80%, and I will be able to fully recover soon. Sen Luo laughed, as long as he fully recovered, he Then you can continue to practice.The two chatted for a while.In this period of time, Sen Luo has ran the Ancient Xuanzong almost all the time, and has also learned a lot about the basic situation of the Ancient Xuanzong. Therefore, under the explanation, Shanghai also has a general understanding of the Ancient Xuanzong, the disciple of the ancient Xuanzong. There are millions of people, and there are only hundreds of core disciples. These disciples are all elites, but they were cultivated by the ancient Xuanzong.To Shanghai\’s regret, there is no news of parents yet.Can Lin Taishi be here? A loud voice came from outside the hall, \”Gu Yu, a disciple of Ancient Xuanzong, begs to see you.\”


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