Jane Xi glanced at the people at the tables. They are all ordinary people. There are six men, women and children at one table. One table is full of young men, but all of them are armed. There are five people with strong Qi and blood. It seems that they have martial arts; Another table is a couple with two children, a girl, about seven or eight years old, sweet looking. It looks like a little beautiful embryo, and there is a boy, only four or five years old, or even younger, chubby. Very cute; There are four men in uniform black at another table. Although the man at this table has been watching Jane Xi, he looks like an iceberg.

It seems possible in a quarter of an hour, said Chi Xing.Shanghai didn\’t say anything, the Gang realized it, reaching a million miles away in a flash, and when he saw the situation of Shenlincheng, he couldn\’t help but be stunned.I saw that the wall of the outer city had been completely shattered.As for the extermination, there are more than 500 strong men coming with them, a lot of them. Behind them, unexpectedly there is no strong defender chasing and killing them. As for why there is no chasing and killing, Shanghai has already seen it. After the clan\’s powerhouses exploded in the outer city, they came one after another, and even no one noticed it.Although I don\’t know how the extermination was done, it is already quite amazing to be able to destroy the outer city of Shenlin City without the strong defenders even noticing it.Chapter 1051call out……Killing brought more than five hundred strong men, and they quickly rushed over. Every one of them had more or less arrogance on their faces. It is no wonder that after all, they have followed Killing for a long time, but now they have to choose to join. Although Tianchen Alliance didn\’t say anything, it was still somewhat resisted and unwilling in my heart.after all!The powerhouses of Killing were originally among the top of their peers, and the only thing that could convince them was Killing. Now they would be unwilling to join the Tianchen Alliance.Chi Xing and others were originally among the million small world powerhouses, and they were also among the top. They spent another year in the blood table of the gods. Both the strength and the ability are far superior to the past. Every powerhouse is not. For the tamed generation, only Shanghai can be recognized by them.Seeing the provocative gaze from the extinct powerhouse, Chi Xing and others, as the leaders, will naturally not have the same knowledge as these powerhouses, but the powerhouses below are different, and they all glared at each other. If it weren\’t for Shanghai\’s presence, I\’m afraid The momentum has long been overwhelming.Although both sides are suppressing, but when looking at each other, sparks can be faintly seen bursting out, and the bold fighting will continue to tremble.To this!Shanghai didn\’t say anything.Because this is inevitable, the addition of Killing will inevitably bring some special changes to the Tianchen Alliance. As long as this change is controlled, it is a good thing.The outer city has been captured. Slaughter said slowly. The sound is not the slightest strange, as if it is doing a simple task.Since the murdered brother has captured the outer city, then our Tianchen brother can\’t just watch and do nothing. Shanghai smiled and motioned to the Chi Xing on the side.Yes, my lord!Chi Xing nodded slightly, his gaze revealed a vigorous fighting spirit, and immediately pointed to the front, \”In the inner city to the east, the five hundred strong, follow me and capture me within a quarter of an hour, otherwise he will automatically withdraw from the Tianchen Alliance.\”


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