\”Sister, I am now in the golden elixir period of great consummation, and I am facing the frozen baby right away. I entered the yuan baby period in the Jin Dynasty. However, I have prepared the materials of the frozen baby elixir for many days, but I haven\’t found an alchemist. They dislike that my reward is too little. Therefore, sister, I have stayed in this great consummation for ten years, but I haven\’t been able to break through. I have 100 pieces of Chinese spirit stones left here, Sister, have you seen enough? \”Shen Hongyan is a little worried. She has only these now, and there are hundreds of inferior spirit stones.

A ray of colorful luster appeared in the shaking spots.Aurora… Shanghai was slightly startled.I saw that the aurora did not disappear, but hovered in countless spots. It was originally without the slightest shape. At this moment, it was like a tiny whirlpool. Strands of peculiar rays of light overflowed from the spots and gathered towards the aurora, following these With the convergence of rays, the aurora, which was originally one finger wide, grew to half a foot.Shanghai was stunned.Because he felt that the power of the aurora was becoming stronger, and the power of the spots near the aurora was weakening. Although it was only weakened a little, it was indeed weakening. This discovery made Shanghai\’s sinking heart lift up again. , His dim eyes brightened.Aurora is the ultimate light of the world. It is only found in special areas. It is the actinic thing of the heavens and the earth, which absorbs the origin of the rest of the light and exists. These spots contain powerful ray power, which corresponds to the aurora… The more Shanghai thinks about it, the more excited my heart is.Where is the terrible power of Wanyao\’s catastrophe?Naturally, the power of these rays of light, the injuries on Shanghai\’s body, were all caused by the bombardment of rays of light. What if all of these rays of light disappeared? Even if Wanyao\’s great calamity is still there, if it loses its light, its power will definitely decrease a lot…Moreover, with the absorption of light, the Wanyao catastrophe will be difficult to continue. If this is the case, wouldn\’t it be possible to survive this catastrophe? Shanghai\’s eyes shone with excitement.certainly!This is just Shanghai\’s own guess. As for whether this is the case, he still doesn\’t know.but!You can give it a try.Immediately, Shanghai took out the top-grade god source, directly crushed it, and the extremely powerful force rushed into the body. The pure god-source power contained in this top-grade god source of the size of a rice grain almost exceeded 20,000 top gods. Yuan, with the influx of power, he hit directly above the Aurora.呲呲…Power was continuously poured into the aurora. The originally slow aurora turned quickly, and the absorption power became stronger and stronger, and the power of the surrounding spots continued to be poured into it.Shanghai feels that this speed is still too slow, mainly because Aurora is too far away from him. After hesitating, his mind moved, Aurora fell back to his Qihai position, and he rose in the air and rushed towards the spot. , Fell directly into countless spots.Turn! Shanghai shouted.Tricky…The aurora quickly turned in the sea of ​​qi, and the suction skyrocketed. The light on the spot on the side of Shanghai, at a speed visible to the naked eye, passed through his body and poured into the sea of ​​qi. The power contained in these lights, every time it enters the body, It gave Shanghai the pain of being cut by thousands of knives, but he still resisted it, desperately urging all his power.


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