Jane Xi held Xiao Siyu, who was still sobbing. After passing by the shop and buying some clothes for children, she went out of the city gate. Regardless of the strange eyes of the people around, she found a place where no one was. She took out the spirit carriage. Seeing the toy carriage turn into the same size as the real one, Siyu\’s big eyes flashed excited and unbelievable light.

As for Ming Yuyan, it was an accident. After four months of getting along, Young Master Tun Xi proposed the idea of ​​accepting disciples. Naturally, Ming Yuyan would not shirk off. Although Young Master Tun Xi is a different cultivator, his strength is only good. It\’s more than a god, but the insight he possesses is almost comparable to the level of a quasi god emperor.If it is not because of the laws of the battlefield of the gods, if it is not because the young master of Tun Xi is born with a different cultivator, with his aptitude and ability, thousands of years are enough to become a quasi god emperor, not to mention that in the past six months, Tun Xi The young master helped her a lot, whether it was in the flames of the Yellow Spring or helping her to break through, he gave a lot of treasures of the reincarnation artistic conception.Apprentice, you have now cultivated the Yellow Spring Nine Lotuses, and you are considered to be in the forefront among your peers, but you still have to guard against arrogance and impetuosity and continue to set foot on higher peaks. Young Master Tun Xi slowly taught.Yes! Tu\’er remembers Master\’s words. Ming Yuyan nodded and immediately asked: \”Master, when will he come back to Shanghai?\”While speaking, Meimu was extremely worried. It has been almost half a year, but there has been no news of Shanghai returning. She is always worried about the safety of Shanghai.I don\’t know… The Path of the Ancient Times has been there for a hundred years or even a thousand years. When Shanghai will come back, I am not sure as a teacher. Young Master Tun Xi shook his head slightly.Master, when you let Shanghai embark on the path of immemorial age, you never thought he would return in half a year… Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help but tell her all the time speculation, and then knelt on one knee and said:\” The disciple speaks falsely, and I hope that the master will forgive the sin.\”Get up, you are right.Young Master Tun Xi sighed slightly, and said, \”I do have this idea. The origin of this son in Shanghai is not simple. With its current capabilities, there is no chance of winning in the face of the Divine Law. That\’s why I let him enter the Primordial World. The road, this road will have great dangers, but there will also be great opportunities. The most important thing is that the divine law does not dare to enter at will, as long as he can survive on the Primordial Road, even if it is a hundred years or even a thousand years later. At that time, he also had the ability to deal with divine law.\”Master, then you said that Shanghai breaks through the Sixth World Zun\’s reincarnation conception to achieve great perfection, is it…Lied to him? No, that\’s true. But if you want to reach it in half a year, even in the ancient road, it will be as difficult as reaching the sky. I hope he will be well. When the young master Tun Xi said this, his eyes were cast. Ming Yuyan, \”You go too, get out of here.\”Leave? Ming Yuyan was startled.Yeah! The magic is here, it\’s time for you to go. Young Master Tun Xi\’s gaze moved, and the entire void was shattered. The originally bursting void was intertwined with countless lines of transmission, which was already a long time ago. The deployed teleportation array.Immediately afterwards, Ming Yuyan had not reacted, she was already involved in a force and fell into the teleportation formation.Master…Ming Yuyan\’s body gradually turned into a spot of light, and as the transmission lines disappeared, she had completely disappeared into the void, and she had been teleported out unexpectedly.Watching Ming Yuyan leave, Young Master Tun Xi’s deep blue eyes stared straight ahead, without saying a word. The originally stable aura became stronger and weaker. The body that had already been condensed appeared a little twisted, if Ming What Yu Yan said here was definitely shocked.Because Young Master Tun Xi\’s injury has not completely recovered, the Tribulation of the Ancients still exists.Originally I expected to recover in half a year. However, the severity of the injury was beyond expectation. If I want to recover at all, it will take at least a thousand years… The magic will not wait for me for a thousand years…Young Master Tun Xi sighed deeply and cast his eyes on the void, \”Since the magic is here, why not come out?\”


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