Jane Xi is very strange. There are problems in this store, including most diners here, because Jane Xi found that at least two tables of diners are embarrassed to speak loudly because the store is too quiet, but they are not people who deliberately don\’t say or don\’t want to say, which means they are at least normal people.

A figure emerged and stood in front of Shanghai, and then with a bang, the soul-killing thorn penetrated the figure\’s left chest and directly penetrated behind it. The blood of the gods spurted out and splashed on Shanghai\’s body. , When he saw the appearance of this burly figure, his whole body became stiff.Ling Zhantian did not turn his head, but slammed it out with a palm. The four spirit powers immediately strangled the black shadow, and the latter screamed. With this palm, blood spurted out again, and it contained warmth. The blood of the spirit of the spirit slid across Shanghai\’s face.Hao\’er, we must live well… Pang Ran\’s body fell down majestically.Shanghai stared at this scene blankly.grandfather……Do not!Grandpa… Lingxuanjian and the others were eager to split their eyes, quickly closed their hands, and swiftly rushed over, regardless of the danger of attacking and killing.Chapter 1139boom!Looking at the fallen grandfather, the sea of ​​consciousness of the whole person in Shanghai suddenly exploded and became blank, staring blankly, his pupils slowly dilated, and the voice disappeared, only seeing the eldest brother and others leaping on his side. Shouting desperately, tears couldn\’t help falling.pain!With unparalleled pain, Shanghai subconsciously squeezed the position of his heart. This feeling once happened. When Mu Ningxue died in front of her eyes, the pain was extreme. If possible, he didn\’t want to try again. But this time it came again.Which kind of pain is the most terrible in the world.Watching my loved ones and loved ones die in front of me, but I can only watch and can\’t do anything. This kind of powerlessness, strong guilt, and grief can almost completely destroy a person.grandfather……Shanghai took a staggering step forward, trembling all over, and he could feel that Grandpa\’s vitality was fading fast.Do not!do not die!Shanghai roared from the bottom of his heart, but he couldn\’t make a sound.Puff!


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