Jian Xi didn\’t have much reaction when she heard about the Chinese family, but Li Yan and others were surprised. Jian Xi of the Chinese family didn\’t know it. They couldn\’t help but know it. It was one of several big families in Renhua mainland. These two people of the Chinese family, regardless of who they were, could not be provoked by their scattered practice, So Li Yan had a sentence just now, that is, he gave himself face without being too ugly. Moreover, brilliance of the Hua family was very good at being a man. In a word, he made Li Yan very comfortable and was little praised by the descendants of the Hua family, which made him very satisfied. He didn\’t have the intention to continue to insist and offend them, so he gave it up.

boom……Suddenly, a huge explosion destroyed the enchantment, and the walls burst into fly ash. The whole house collapsed suddenly, raising dust in the sky.Bo…Ming Yuyan showed the power of the dark underworld, protecting her, and she was stunned at the moment because she was in front of her.Standing a man with his skin glowing with bronze lustre, these radiances exude the meaning of eternity, like artifacts handed down from the most distant ages. Within this body, the unpredictable power is like a mad dragon. Tossing between the heavens and the earth, contains a kind of terrifying aura that destroys the heavens and the earth.The meaning of the ancients is constantly rising from the body of Shanghai.In a daze, Ming Yuyan had the illusion that what she saw was not Shanghai, but the moment the gods and demons were born in ancient times. With a move, they can shake the mountain and the ground, and with a random blow, they can destroy the endless earth, any It is difficult for all things to exist intact in front of the gods and demons.asphyxia……Facing Shanghai in front of her, Ming Yuyan felt suffocated for the first time. This is a feeling that only appears when her strength has reached a completely different level. She did not have this feeling before, because she has a huge Potential, there will be a chance to catch up with Shanghai in the future.But now, she suddenly realized that unless her aptitude reached the god level, she would never hope to catch up with Shanghai in this life.In just a few days, two consecutive breakthroughs. Although Shanghai\’s power fluctuations did not change much, Ming Yuyan keenly felt that the divine power in his body was even more terrifying. If the previous divine power was water, now It is an extremely thick magma, containing a terrifying explosive power.Ming Yuyan could feel that there was not much change on the surface of Shanghai, but the potential strength was even more terrifying. Once it was swung out, it would bring earth-shattering effects.Is he human…Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help but feel a little dry.Shanghai had already discovered Ming Yuyan, but he ignored it and didn\’t say a word. Instead, he was feeling the power contained in his own body. The tyrannical power shocked him. Although the amount did not change much, it was Resilience has reached its limit.呲…With a thought, Shanghai’s hands burst into chaotic power, like thick magma, constantly surrounding his palms, flowing underneath, the surging power surging out, shocked the void with subtle nuances. The distortion.Divine power becomes real… Seeing this scene, Ming Yuyan\’s heart was beating, and she looked at Shanghai in astonishment.This substantive power is not something ordinary people can have. Only by reaching the body of whole blood can this be achieved. The degree of substantive power of Shanghai is much richer than the body of whole blood that she has heard of. At this level, isn\’t it about to approach the pure blood body, right?If it is a pure-blooded body, it will be possible to inherit all the inheritance of the ancestral gods and become the next generation of gods. In other words, if the blood of Shanghai is stronger, there will be a chance to become the second-generation spirit god in the future. What are you holding? It means that it will possess more than 90% of the power of the first generation of spirit gods.


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